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I’m Not A Prude, But…

Apparently, the fact that a Job Centre is advertising a job is national news, because it happens to be for an Adult TV presenter.

Sophie Randall-Price, 25, who is looking for a job and saw the advert, said: “I couldn’t believe when I saw this. “I’m broad-minded, but to think they want us to apply to such a sleazy job is really a bit too much. I’m willing to work hard, but I’m not willing to whip my top off and talk dirty to a bunch of weirdos in the middle of the night on national TV.”

Sorry Sophie, here’s the rule: if you need to prefix what you’re about to say with “I’m broad-minded but…” then you’ve proved that you aren’t.


  1. J.T. Wenting says:

    Everyone has their limits, however broadminded you are.
    But indeed, most people who claim to be, aren’t.

    People here went berserk too a year or two ago when job centers started offering jobs in the sex industry.
    Added detail here is that if you’ve been unemployed for more than half a year you’re required by law to take any job offered to you by them, so if they’d offer you a job as a prostitute you’d be by law required to accept it.

    I have nothing against legalised prostitution.
    It makes enforcing health and safety regulations, hygiene, and immigration laws in the industry a lot easier, and if people want to prostitute themselves that’s their choice which in the US should fall under the first ammendment, but I’d not willingly do so myself and am dead set against forcing people into such jobs.
    We’re still upset that the Japanese forced girls in occupied areas to prostitute themselves to their troops during WW2, and now we’re effectively doing the same thing by telling unemployed women to become prostitutes or loose their unemployment benefits?

  2. Andy says:

    I’ll admit it’s distasteful but come on it’s not the same thing.

  3. Andrew Duffin says:

    Whether she is broad-minded or not (is that the right choice of words, we wonder?), surely the more central point is that if she doesn’t want to do that kind of work, well then she doesn’t apply for the job?

    How hard is that?

  4. RAB says:

    Bit OTT J.T.

    Where are you? Australia perhaps?

    Various places like Nevada have legalised prostitution, and I believe States of Australia do too, but not which ones.

    But ahem! the likelyhood of popping into the Job Centre looking for a cleaning job, and being “forced ” to go topless and talk dirty on a late night chat show for 150 times the salary?

    Have you any concept of the words, queue; and long; ?

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