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Who is better

I have a good friend who is a firm socialist, he truly believes that enforced collectivism is both practically and morally superior to individual or voluntarily collectivist action, which he sees simply as selfishness.

I know him to be a good man, and in considering past conversations with him, I have concluded that he looks around him, and wishes to see a form of government where good and competent people can do the most good. I, however, look around me and wish for a form of government where bad or incompetent people can do least harm.

He dreams of being governed by philosopher kings, I dread giving authority to people who fantasise they are philosopher kings.

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  1. Nick M says:

    In a nutshell Cats. Nailed it.

    Winston Churchill once said that anyone with a heart is a socialist by 20 but if they have a brain they’re a conservative by 30. Or words to that effect. Why? Because you dream of Philospher Kings and then realize you’ve got Gordon Brown, Hazel Blears and David Milliband. In Oz you have a Philosopher King who (allegedly) eats his own ear-wax (or krudd) in public. Well could be worse. India was once ruled by someone who drank their own piss whilst taking it from everyone else. Followed on by a woman who was such an utter cow (forced sterilization – bring it on!) she was taken out by her own bodyguards.

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