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A Charitable Appeal

Some of you may find the following video disturbing, even offensive, but we feel it must be shown because it highlights one of the most terrible afflictions that anyone can suffer. This appeal is seeking to raise awareness about, and raise funds to treat it’s sufferers and ultimately find a cure.

Pilger’s can strike people of both sexes and of all ages and nationalities. It can strike friends and close family members and we all know someone afflicted. We at the Pilger’s Disease Society seek to fight this terrible malady and urgently need money to fund our fight against this terrible disease.

There is no cure, yet, but there is hope! Recently our memeticists have uncovered a link with a related illness, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) and this is opening up new avenues for research into eventually finding a cure. Until then we desperately need funds for the palliative care of sufferers of this dreadfully disabling illness.

    Just 70p a day will buy Mr Pinter a copy of the Independent.
    £8.65 will buy him a copy of George Monbiot’s Heat:How to Stop the Planet Burning.
    A mere £16 will buy him a “Stop the War” hoodie.

Please give generously. Until there is a cure, there is the Pilger’s Disease Society.


  1. RAB says:

    Nicholas my son
    I am proud of you!
    This one could run and run
    Think of the almost never ending list of modern moonbats you could include as sufferers.
    Toynbee, Monbiot, Short, Dimarillo and uncle Gurning Gordan and all..

  2. NickM says:

    Modern medicine recognizes the Toynbee Sign in diagnosis as indicating the need for urgent treatment. It is related to, on palpation, displaying accute monbiotism. Currently best clinical practise is a guardianectomy using an incision along the left lateral line.

    Claire Short who both Cats and I have turned over here is… I have not the words.

    Except I’ll mention her high profile campaign against Page 3. Sometimes you just can’t make stuff up as good as what really happens.

    I’m actually thinking of running this as a proper hoax. The Pilger’s Disease Society could keep me in Stella and steaks ’till the cows come home. I shall collect to pay for hospice care for Polly. She is entering the terminal stage, poor thing.

    I have been wanting to do a big hoax since I read on the ‘net of a faux US camapign (way back) against the obscenity of unclothed animals wandering around. They only wound it up when some daft old trout (possibly displaying a dominant Whitehouse gene) sent them a cheque for $40,000.

  3. RAB says:

    Yes you could be quids in there

    Keep mentioning all those names and it would look like a third world fundraser.

    The postal orders (dont talk to me about postal orders!) would flood in.

    Hell, if Da do Ron Ron can found a religion for cash
    Your one stop Cash for Eternity warehouse

    Why not you making a few bucks from the gullible?

    After all our Govt does it all the time!

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