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This reminds me of my student days…

On occasions I did indeed find “matter” in the sink. We had an (unused) tampon stuck to the living room ceiling in our house on Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham (Gawd knows why it got there) and tumbleweeds of fluff on the stairs. When one of my housemates moved out she found fifteen(!) cups of coffee in varying states of decomposition in her bedroom. She is now a gynaecologist. We once defrosted the fridge. My mate, Andy, insisted on doing it. He was another medical student with designs on becoming a surgeon. He tapped at the ice with a palette knife and a rolling pin. Gawd knows where that came from – it wasn’t like any of us baked in there – the kitchen looked like a field hospital in Chechnya – on a bad day. Andy claiming he had a “surgeons touch” and excluding anyone else from the procedure, not that anyone was upset by that. Ice went everywhere and he found a box of frozen beef burgers which expired in 1988. This was in 1995. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d found Captain Oates.

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  1. RAB says:

    Nick and I went to the same Uni.
    But 20 odd years apart.
    Starving has always been a student thing!

    In the early 70s, a time of strikes and 30% inflation
    Power cuts three days a week
    Price and wages control,
    You can only take £50 out of the country
    assuming you are even that well off enough to leave.


    I lived on Refectory subsidised stodge in the Uni when I bothered to turn up to lectures.
    But otherwise it was the chip shop, or buying Birds Eye produce like Roast beef in gravy, beefburgers (with Onion!!!!) frozen peas and Cadburys Smash!

    Do you know what a treat was back then?

    Going to Wimpeys for a hamburger!

    Well everyone knows what a hamburger is now dont you?

    Not back then. Back then the bun and salad were unheard of in England.

    No what Wimpey served up was akin to an ice hockey puck. No bun or salad
    with half a tomato sliced, some watercress and french fries.


    Curry houses and Chinese were much better value for us poor students.

    But hey!
    How poor was I really?
    I got a full grant with parental top up to study anything I was able to ,
    and had a mind to.

    Now our Landlord in West Bridgeford, did say on getting rid of us that we had devalued his property by £5000.

    Bit of a cheek considering we knew he had only paid £3000 for it in the first place.

    And we left it standing!

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