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More Islamic tolerance

Thank God Islam is tolerant and peaceful, just imagine how dreadful things would be if it were as violent as say, every other religion in the world.

Authorities in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of Algeria have closed half of the Protestant churches in the country over the last six months, alerted persecution watchdog groups this week.

And here – two Christian girls are rescued from kidnap and rape, oops, forced marrige, oops, loving unions, so the State run Shariah Police riot and burn six churches.

Ain’t tolerance grand?

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  1. NickM says:

    Nigeria, eh. The land that had went batshit over Miss World.

    A young journalist wrote a piece about Miss World to try and calm restive Islamic tensions about it being held in her country.

    Her sin was to include a throw-away line that the prophet himself might want to select a wife from amongst the contestents and just chill about the thing. Well, the seething became raging and all hell broke loose.

    This hapless young lady was granted asylum in Europe and is in an undisclosed scandinavian country. That’s where the EU st6uck her. I saw her interviewed and she said she would have preferred the UK (being anglophone) but that wasn’t deemed safe enough given (a)our large Nigerian community (b)the Salman Rushdie incident.

    BTW. Has Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam been brought before the beak for incitement to murder yet? C4 TV asked him if he regretted Muslims burning Salman Rushdie in effigy. He stated that his only regret was that it was “just in effigy”. He said that to millions of people on TV. The clip is lurking somewhere on Youtube. What a bastard.

    “Midnight’s Children” is one of my favourite books. It ain’t too nice about Islam and Pakistan in particular. That was his first novel. He’d had it coming from well before Satanic Verses. Him being an apostate and all that.

    We should have told them to put up, shut up or fuck off over the Satanic Verses farce. It was Yorkshire Muslims who did 7/7 as well. Once any Islamic community is sufficently entrenched (and it is in Bradfordistan) and has circled it’s wagons they will start being barbarians to the external community. They’re always barbaric internally.

    He is now Sir Salman Rushdie – good. Alas so is Sir Iqbal Sacranie. God alone knows why. Did we knight Himmler in ’43?

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