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Gads, those dastardly Israelis

In reference to this posting; over at Harry’s Place listed amongst the crimes Israel is lambasted for are ads touting something called Tapuzina. Now, never having been anywhere near Israel I had never heard of the stuff or seen the ads, but of course, once I had been warned away from them with words like ‘tasteless’ and ‘crass’ and ‘large-breasted-model’, what were my choices?

Wanna share the results of my research?

Go on, I know you do:

Tapuzina Soft Drink


  1. Rob Farrington says:

    Immorality! Filth!

    If only we had a worldwide religion which made women dress as tents instead of letting them reveal their wobbly bits for us males to be corrupted by, then we’d all be OK.

  2. RAB says:

    Personally, I want to be inside the tent with them Rob.
    Not pissing out or anything, I am perfectly continent.
    Festival trained bladder you see.

    Then the wobbly bits would be all mine!

    Tents are for Boy Scouts with spots, not full grown women to express their sexuality and individualism with.

  3. Rob Farrington says:

    That’s because you’re an infidel, RAB.

    If you can’t see the the advantages of females being inside of a tent and hiding their sinful ankles from your lustful gaze, then you’re obviously a Really Immoral Person.

    Don’t you realise that we males have no self-control or moral values, and we have to be protected for our own sake from things such as bare legs, breasts and bottoms?

    If you enjoy looking at any of those things then you’re a moral reprobate and deserve to be blown up by my exploding goat, along with the Americans and the Zionists.

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