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Fame at last

I have been informed that this posting resulted in a vigorous discussion about rights vs freedoms in the marketing department of the Philippines Government Tourist Office, in Manila.

What it’s like to have influence in the world.

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  1. Andrew Molina says:

    Yeah, that’s right ! My psycho, insane (crazy) attractive and very smart “bestfriend” named Airene A. Verde who works in that department pointed your blog to us, her small circle of male friends and were blown away by your witty, yet very informed article. Up to now , we didn’t know how she found your blog, she won’t tell us…

    Well, that’s her

    And your blog is a great find.

    Another thing though, did she said something about the design of your blog ? She’s very creative, you know, but don’t be offended if she give’s you a piece of her mind. She’s like that.

    Andrew Molina

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