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Climate Sanity II

In reference to my post yesterday, I have lifted the following chart quite shamelessly from here, which is based on this article by Bob Carter at the Canada Free Press.

As I pointed out, the spikes of 1998 and 2006/2007 are anomalous, and distort the underlying trends. Flatten 1998 and the warming trend is clearly still up, but the trend 2005/2006/2007 is apparently starting to turn down. If the 2006/2007 el Nino spike is also flattened, you can see the downward trend would be strengthened. This is all in line with solar predictions, but so far any change in trend is merely indicative. It is still too early to start crowing, and this won’t be enough to get the ecofascists off our backs; it will take another few years at least to confirm anything this shows.
In the meantime, the loopies will keep listening to the nasties, and we will be fighting the attempts to shut down western civilisation for a while yet.

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