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Dinosaurs Sounded Like Scousers

They did.

I don’t like Liverpool. It’s the evil twin-city to Manchester. Oh, the Albert Dock is impressive and they have some nice architecture round there but Scousers are terrible. Shambling shell-suited amoral hooligans. And most of the city centre looks like Stockport built on a larger scale. In other words a right royal mess of post-war redevelopment.

And the airport is in the middle of nowhere and named for John Lennon who notably pissed off out of Scousland at his earliest opportunity. Guess what it’s tag-line is? “Above us only sky” from Imagine.

I knew a couple of lads who studied there. One said his girlfriend was mugged in the street for her bag of chips. Didn’t want her phone or her purse. Just a 70p bag of chips. Then the other guy… Well it was a Saturday and his housemates went out but he was late with an essay so he stayed in and they got burgled by a gang of scallies. They stripped him naked to steal his clothes and tied him to the bed. They made-off with the usual and tins of food from the kitchen. Stealing a student’s underpants and food from a student house is lower than an abysmal trench.

H/T (approximately) to Salty


  1. JuliaM says:

    I think you meant ‘abyssal trench’.

    It was probably typing it whilst thinking of Liverpool that did it…

  2. RAB says:

    Now Now! calmmm down caaalmm down!

    I have some good Scouser mates…

    Having said that, I never want to leave them alone in one of my living rooms for too long,

    or we start having conversations like…

    Is that my DVD in your pocket, or are you just knicking the piano!

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