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More Temperance: Scotland Leads The Way

Scotland’s presbyterian moral compass has caused it to lurch further down the temperance road towards the Californian model of forcing bar staff onto courses run by corporate state temperance organisations which teach them to actively try to destroy the businesses that employ them with requirements that, if one had predicted them a few years ago, would have been met with utter disbelief; such as a requirement to offer customers a glass of water instead of another beer(!).

As usual Dick Puddlecote discusses the whole sorry mess far more succinctly than I would have done- please pop across to Dick’s excellent blog and read all about it there. Feel free to weep a little.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    California has its own version of Cap and Tax as well.

    Although the Democrats will not allow Republicans at the Federal to print “Cap and Tax” in their mailings – it has to be “Cap and Trade”. Oddly enough no one censored the Democrat mailings when they were in the minority.

    Anyway Cap and Tax in California – it is driving what business enterprises that remain in the State, out of the State (or into bankruptcy).

    I wonder if China has a hand in financing all this Green stuff – after all that is where production ends up after the Green stuff has forced it out of countries like the United States and Britain.

    No C02 emission reductions occur – as the Chinese production emits at least as much C02 as the production of a factory in Britain or the United States does. Plus one has the C02 emissions of shipping the goods from China as imports to the United States, Britain and so on.

    So there is no real environmental angle here – Cap and Tax and so on might as well just be called the “stimulate Chinese production” Bills.

  2. Ta for the link and kind comments, Ian. :-)

    Weep, indeed. There seems to be no let up in sight, it would seem.

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