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Men Breastfeeding

Apparently it can be done. I heard a truly bizarre soundbite on Radio 4 this afternoon and had to look into this peculiar thing. The soundbite was from Fiona Giles who can be seen here advocating the procedure whilst being interviewed naked in the bath (actually probs SFW) for some reason beyond normal human comprehension…

That’s from here.

I mean, I’m fairly metrosexual and all but that is just barking…


  1. IanB says:

    The breastfeeders are one of the sort of second division teams in the progressive Cranks Cavalcade. Their driving beliefs are fairly obvious; nature-ism, maternalist feminism, anti-corporatism. That is, bottled milk is an unnatural, corporate capitalist product which breaks the mystical bond between mother and baby. They actually had a big early win with the Nestle/bottled milk in Africa moral panic that rumbles on at low level to this day. This group can be found in high numbers infesting certain areas of the medical profession (that natural crank-magnet), partiuclarly midwives, many of whose anti-formula zealotry knows no bounds.

  2. JuliaM says:

    “Apparently it can be done.”

    I was hoping this was some kind of gag but…

    Then again, in a way, it was! *gag*

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I don’t think there’s much chance of ever seeing you on the Beeb, Ian. :)

  4. CountingCats says:

    This is a bit like men in the delivery room. From their being excluded, through to a few ‘progressive’ men demanding to be allowed in, to the present day where all the pressure is to get even the recalcitrant ones in there to be part of the ‘birthing experience’.

    Can’t you see it? In 30 years time all men will be expected to timeshare on this.

    Just one more step in the ongoing feminisation of us all.

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