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All of this fuss about Dan Hannan and Enoch Powell; it really is a load of tripe.

Shall I let you into my own dirty little secret? There were two people I would always listen to. If either one ever appeared on television discussing constitutional issues I would stop whatever I was doing and listen closely. On economic or social matters I really didn’t give one hoot what they had to say, let alone two, but on the constitution, sovereignty and the nature of democracy? I listened, hard, because they were two men who were fast in their principles, and whose opinions on those topics I respected enormously.

Who were they? I have no doubt you have guessed one of them, Beelzebub’s right hand man himself, Enoch Powell of course. And the other? Well, I guess you would have to call him Beelzebub’s left hand man – Tony Benn.

So, all you lot whining about Hannan, go figure.


  1. El Draque says:

    I read Powell’s books, published in the 1970’s. “Freedom and Reality2, I think the main one was called. Theme: you have nothing to fear from exercising freedom, and facing reality.
    Started me off on free-market economics, against the views of the time.
    His opinions on immigration were such a small part of his thought. And later on he did get completely eccentric, but he’s not alone in that.

  2. NickM says:

    Possibly he got a little odd because of the appalling vilification which effectively ended his career?

    He was taken out of context horrendously.

  3. IanB says:

    Bear in mind that the “fuss” coming from Sunny Hundal is just fabianesque astroturf, and the fabulous Sunny is over at Tim Worstall’s saying the British Raj was “like the nazis”. Accusations of extremism from such a person can’t be taken too seriously, really.

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