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Possibly NSFW. I don’t absolutely know. Can anyone tell me what this is about?

Thanks to Daphne for it.


  1. CountingCats says:

    Can’t you tell? Pretty clear to me.

  2. JuliaM says:

    At a guess, a very clever mod for some kind of racing game. At least, I hope it’s just a mod, and not the actual game itself… :)

  3. Nick M says:

    Well obviously it’s a sort of “gay thing” but it’s bloody odd. I mean bloke riding a human Segway…

  4. Nick M says:

    I dunno Julia,
    There might be a market for weird gay racing games. It’s a niche I might decide to exploit…

    BBC reporter: So Nick how’d ya feel about become the first gay-fetich racing game billionaire…

    NickM: Well it’s hard to say Natasha, I just do it for the players…

  5. Email the link to Andrew Sullivan!

  6. RAB says:

    There used to be a band called

    Gay Bikers on Acid

    If they are still going, there is their next promo video!

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