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Too Fat?

That’s Lizzie Miller and she’s a model. I think she looks very nice. She apparently can’t get work modelling because she is apparently too fat. OK, maybe she doesn’t exactly have the usual skinny body type for Milan or Paris but calling her fat is somewhat ludicrous and what is even more ludicrous is that she has been dropped from modeling for plus-size clothing-lines!


  1. JuliaM says:

    How can anyone model for plus-size clothing lines if they aren’t, well, plus-size?

    Do they have to wear a fat suit like Mike Mysers in ‘Goldmember’?

  2. I don’t know about any other bloke, but I find those little post-natal dangly bits both erotic and endearingly womanly. Is it just me?

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    Well, Mac, if I’m honest, I don’t. But that may just be me.

    And it’s amazing how little you can generalize about these things; I think it was Terry Pratchett who talked about the filters that kick in when you actually get to know someone. My Great Lost Love is someone I honestly wasn’t attracted to physically at all when we first started out. Now, several years later, on the odd occasion I bump into her, it drives me spare; she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

    But enough of my problems; this is just nuts. That Miller woman’s practically skin and bone.

  4. Frank Davis says:

    The clue is in the cropping.

    Follow the lines of the legs as they pass through the bottom of the picture.

    She’s got elephant-sized feet.

  5. Nick M says:

    Julia, exactly. Otherwise it’s like the midget pole-vault or the giant limbo competition. In a sense Miller is plus sized as she’s 5’11″. My wife is 5’1″ and since all this crap about small sizes and skinny models causing anorexia has found finding a pair of jeans that don’t have Hannah Montana transfers on them a grim ordeal. Hardly fitting attire for a woman of 30.

    Sam, it ain’t just filters. There is the “ugly duckling syndrome” as well. And it’s opposite. People bloom and wilt at different ages.

  6. Sarah says:

    It’s not her height that makes her plus-sized. Most models need to be tall. The article about her, and the photo, claims she wears a size 12-14. In the U.S., the transition to “plus size” wear happens at or near 14. Plus-sized (or “Women’s”) clothes are cut differently than regular (“Misses”). Her luscious thighs and rump are what we can see that make her a plus model– or a former one. Nevermind that she doesn’t actually wear plus sized clothes. There are very few clothing companies that actually use models that fit their clothes instead of just draping “normal” models in garments that swamp them.

    Calling her fat is, I think, just a knee jerk reaction to people who watch too much TV and have absorbed the ideas that there is very little variation in what we look like naked and that any evidence of adipose tissue is omgfat. There’s so much focus on her belly and stretch marks that no one mentions you can actually see the frame of her rib cage. I like Sam’s point best– familiarity does wonders for beauty.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    You’re quite right, Nick. I’ve been haunted over the last few days by thoughts of the object of my affections reading my comment, seeing through the thin disguise of pseudonym, and being deeply offended. I’m glad to see Sarah understood what I meant, despite it being rather poorly expressed: “filters” isn’t really the right word, since it suggests you’re not seeing someone as they really are, a sort of natural “beer-goggle” effect, which isn’t quite right. It’s more that things you once disliked, or weren’t affected by at all, become endearing as you get to know someone. And of course you’re perfectly correct about age.

  8. Nick M says:

    Sam, if you wish your comments here stricken – say the word and it shall be done.

  9. Sam Duncan says:

    No, no. I’m pretty sure she won’t see it. And if she does, I think I can explain myself, as I said. :)

  10. Lois says:

    I’ve always been a fan of plus-size models! There’s a great site with lots of images of plus-size models here:

    They’re all gorgeous.

  11. Lois says:

    I’ve always been a fan of plus-size models! There’s a great site with lots of images of plus-size models here:

    They’re all gorgeous.

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