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Canary in the coal mine

Daniel Finklestein has an article in the Times carrying on about the security services having kept an eye on Sam Wannamaker because the actor was a commie. Well, I do have sympathy with Dannys point of view (he thought it was justified) because although one could have been a Soviet sympathiser in the 30’s and 40’s and still been a decent person, naive maybe, but decent, by the 50‘s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s only someone utterly ignorant, callous or downright evil could have kept up that support.

However, that’s bye the bye. What I find fascinating is a comment by someone writing under the name ‘kev lax’

This is the second time Mr. Finklestein has rubbished the reputation of a respected leftist who is dead and unable to defend himself. Not long ago it was IF Stone, who I am sure would wipe the floor in any debate, written or spoken, with him.
If the secret servces are doing their job they will be keeping their eye on Mr. Finklestein too. It’s obvious that his allegiances are with a foreign power( gve you a clue, it’s in the Middle East and has nukes–and it isn’t Iran).

Gee, who cares if Wannamaker could defend himself or not? I guess there are intelligent NAZI’s who could defend themselves, wouldn’t mean I wouldn’t despise them regardless. However, note the final sentence. Gosh, Daniel Finklestein is a JOOO!!!!! Shock. Horror. And as a JOOO he owes allegiance to the JOOO state!!!!


Of course Mr Finklestein’s religion has no bearing on the quality of his argument, so, here we have someone quite openly, on the website of the Times Newspaper and in the opening decade of the 21st century, defending the worst sort of lefty and being a gratuitous JOOO hater with it.

And he clearly doesn’t realise just how repugnant he is.

I think it’s time European Jews started holding their wealth in easily carried jewellery.

They are welcome here in Oz any time.


  1. JuliaM says:

    I’m no more worried that Israel has nukes than I am that we have nukes. Or Canada. Or Australia. I would be too bothered if French Samoa had nukes.

    But Pakistan with nukes? Syria with nukes? Afghanistan with nukes?

    The difference isn’t the race, or the religion, or the system of government either. It’s the history

  2. HSLD says:

    That guy is obviously one of those types who, if he can’t find his car keys in the morning, immediately assumes Mossad and the Chief Jew snuck into his house the night before and stole them.

  3. Ian B says:

    I’m really getting a bit sick of this whole thing where everybody has to be either a fan of Israel or a fan of Palestine. It’s like that “are ye Rangers or Celtic?” thing, where if you say the wrong one you get beaten up. I can’t say I’m specifically a fan of either, except that in Israel women wear bikinis and in Palestine they wear burkas, so actually I’m a massive fan of Israel now I come to think of it.

  4. CountingCats says:


    this isn’t the pali vs israel issue. It is the blatant anti Jewish bias this commentator show.

    Otherwise? Yeah, I agree, on all aspects of your comment.

  5. NickM says:

    Ian, try being Jewish…

    An ex of mine is Jewish (from Atlanta, never been east of Italy) and she got asked all the time. Like she was in some way personally responsible for the actions of the IDF. Which makes about as much sense as me holding Sayeed in the corner shop personally responsible for the antics of Hamas.

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