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Canadian ‘Human Rights’

For anyone who has been following the progress of the Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn cases before the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Ezra has posted an examination of the extent of the abuses by the commission on one single day before a HR tribunal.

Gobsmacking, absolutely gobsmacking what perversions of due process these people have been getting away with. The Canadian Human Rights Commission achieves a 100% conviction rate for complaints bought before them under the relevant clause. 100%. No court, even in the Stalinist USSR achieves a 100% conviction rate. The other matter, is that every case, every single case, under Clause 13 of the act, has been bought by one man, Richard Warman, an ex employee of the CHRC. And he gets a cheque every time he wins.

Read the whole corrupt story.

These commissions are not run by people trained in the law, but by extremist human rights activists, the type of people who, while at university, make student union politics a perverse joke. I remember when I was studying, there was a mild scandal when the Radical Feminists set fire to the gestetner machine in protest at the policies of the Revolutionary Communists, who controlled the union at that point. These are the same people who now control western ‘human rights’ policies.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, try this –

There is a description of what it is all about here.

I recommend these clips as well –

Shirlene McGovern, the rather bovine woman who had the misfortune to face Ezra in this investigation, has resigned from the case; she couldn’t cope with the level of criticism she came under after these videos. Still, I don’t have a great deal of sympathy. Ms McGovern thought she could bully people with power of the state behind her, and became upset when the rock was lifted and her repulsive authority was exposed to the light of day. Poor dear, she thought it so unfair that her publicly funded sinecure should be publicly scrutinised.

Ms McGovern’s visible attitude, and the environment in which she conducts her interviews, demonstrate how banal evil can be. I dare say she isn’t a bad woman personally, kind to dogs and children, and gives a few dollars to charities at Christmas, but she chose to be at the forefront of suppressing free speech in Canada, so fuck her. And I don’t mean that in the nicest possible way.

And fuck the absurd ‘rights’ these commissions pretend to protect.

The whole thing has been posted to YouTube, go look, search for Ezra Levant.


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  2. gouchout says:

    Do you know you’re blog renders like ‘shit’ ? :-))
    I think you might need to fix your html headers mate

  3. gouchout says:

    Sorry “your blog” not “you’re blog”
    PS Are you really sure that Shirlene McGovern meant to “bully” you? I don’t think a lot of people can cope with your definition of free speech. It seems to be more about freedom to abuse – because you bet she didn’t resign from the case because there were devastating intellectual arguments that she couldn’t win. No, she was probably on the receiving end of frightening threats & extreme abuse, and for “normal” people that’s hard to deal with. If you’re some kind of driven activist type like yourself, you’re probably extremely thick skinned & immune to the barrage of insults & abuse that inevitably comes your way.
    Ever heard the saying “Hate the sin, not the sinner” or words to that effect.
    PPs and what on earth is that “My blog belches carbon” about – you obviously believe you’re on the side of the right and good, but you’ve really lost your way.

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