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Joined up Government?

Can anyone fill me in on the reward for perjury? At a minimum doesn’t it involve an all expenses paid holiday courtesy of Her Majesty?

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Tongan Loloahi Tapui made the devastating claim that she did not show Baroness Scotland a passport when she was employed to work for her in January – and said she was never asked to do so.

What we find out now is whether they are going to even keep pretending they are subject to the same laws we are.

New Labour? The most corrupt bunch since the reform acts.


Update:   Much as I dislike admitting it, seems the Honourable Lady didn’t commit perjury. From what I now understand her statement to the BSA wasn’t sworn testimony. It means that all she did was lie her guts out. That’s not criminal, just New Labour standard operating procedure.


  1. RAB says:

    Like many others who have had high office thrust upon them for no apperent reason, other than they fit a quota, the Baroness suffers from Agrivated Agrandisement Syndrome, also known a Cherie Disease. They just dont deal with little people, like servants.

    It was obvious to me from the off, that she had checked absolutely fuck all concerning her ex housekeepers legally be in this country and allowed to work.

    Tapui has stated that she didn’t show Baroness Scotland her passport because then she would not have got the job.

    Yep, bang to rights. Lying to Parliament, in breach of her own rules that elsewhere has a chicken farmer facing fines of £120,000 and HE DID copy the documents provided.
    She should not only be out of Govt Office, but struck off, and doing a stretch at her Majestys pleasure.

  2. Nick M says:

    I think it’s something that women get more than men. 20-something women in Renault Clios are unbelievably aggressive drivers. They are trying to punch through the glass ceiling you see. Michelle Obama has almost terminal Cherie’s. “The first time I felt proud of this country was when Barack won the Democratic nomination”. Bloody hell! America had been very good to the Obamas. Just little things like her husband being a senator.

    Cherie’s can be the unofficial term but in medical literature I would prefer to see it called “Aggravated First Lady Syndrome” or AFLS. Hillary had it to. She was apparently always rude to her Secret Servive detail. Seeing as they were sworn to try and take a bullet for her then it seems somewhat daft.

    There is of course a male equivalent. “Sitting on the Bench Disorder” (SOTBD). You see it all the time if you watch the football. Some star player sits on the bench for 75 minutes getting agitated because they are not playing and then gets the nod to go on, goes mental and tackles someone in the manner of Jackie Chan and gets sent off.

    Gordon Brown is patron of the charity trying to find a cure for this dread malady. Please pledge only 2 pounds a month.

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