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Post democratic Britain

What the hell is this all about with Mandelson offering his services to the next government?

Isn’t Cameron going to even make a pretence at excising the poison from British government?

If this Noble Lord gets any closer to government than the backbenches of the House of Lords what will be the point?

If the viper just switches sides and keeps his influence why should any of us bother next time?


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Do not worry – even Mr Cameron will draw the line at Mandy.

    Sadly not because of any high principle – but because Mr Cameron understands Mandy is unpopular (a vote loser).

    The fact that Mr Brown does not understand this simple fact (indeed is under the delusion that Mandy is a vote WINNER) may have something to do with all those pills Mr Brown keeps taking.

  2. NickM says:

    In a rational nation he’d be hung, drawn and quartered.

    I reckon like Stalin and J Edgar Hoover he has a card index and he knows everyone’s kinks. It’ll be on his Blackberry. I would give worlds for that specific electronic device.

    As a US Prez said (forget which one) about Hoover – “I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out…”

    The entire front page of the Mirror is “We [heart] Mandy”. The fucker could clearly teach Derren Brown a few tricks.

    Oh, and RAB was right. His keynote speech at the Labour conference looked like Adolf Hitler at Nuremburg. He even has the same fucking haircut.

  3. RAB says:

    The money quote for me in his speech was his gleeful closing lines.

    “If I can come back, We can come back!”

    The message there was…

    If a venal, amoral ruthless bastard like me, who has twice been forced to resign for having his fingers in the till and telling whopping great lies, You brain dead trough snufflers can come back too. We can carry on robbing and wrecking this country, FOREVER!

  4. Andrew Duffin says:

    Why bother indeed?

    Everything’s run from Brussels anyway (about to get much worse post-Lisbon).

    It really doesn’t matter who’s wielding the rubber stamp at Westminster.

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