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The Thin End of a Slippery Slope

It happened because we thought it couldn’t.

Commentator Anax on CiF. Via the heresiach.

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  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Broon always talks up his upbringing in a manse. So he’ll be well aware of the old sermon in which sinners turn up in Hell and appeal to God, “Oh, Lord, we didnae ken! We didnae ken!“, to which the Lord reaches down from on high and replies, “Weel, ye ken noo!”

    Damn right it happened because they thought it couldn’t. They could get away with ignoring legal principle, breaking the burden of proof, ignoring the rule of law in favour of “discretion”, because they were the good guys. That’s only bad when bad people do it.

    Weel, they ken noo.

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