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Labour Conference

While acknowledging once more that Labour will have to make tough choices on tax and spending after the election, Mr Brown promised that a fourth-term administration would “protect and improve” frontline services every year of the coming Parliament and will invest more money in schools.

Why do they always use military metaphors whilst treating our soldiers, sailors and airmen like shit?

In a slogan designed to draw clear defining lines with David Cameron’s Tories, Mr Brown repeatedly promised that Labour would always choose “the change that benefits the hard-working majority, not the privileged few.”

Beyond parody. So the charge nurse in A&E gets a pay rise and Lord Mandelson gets a paycut? Yeah, right that’s gonna happen! Actually I might have to go to A&E because I think I might have given myself a hernia whilst typing this.

With Labour plumbing new depths in the polls – including one which this morning put them in third place behind the Liberal Democrats – Mr Brown insisted that the party was “united and determined to fight for the future”.

Introduced on stage by wife Sarah as “my husband, my hero”, he won immediate applause and cheers from delegates as he opened his speech by telling them that Labour were “the fighters and believers who change the world – we have changed the world before and we are going to do it again”.

It’s like being fisted by a stranger. They are going to do it again. Oh fuck! And “My husband, my hero” is probably sending you, dear reader, right now to PC World in search of a new keyboard because vomit is a bastard to remove.

He told delegates he had acted “decisively and immediately” when Britain was “looking over a precipice” as banks teetered on the brink of failure last year, while Conservatives had taken decisions on the economy which were “consistently wrong”.

But the Tories haven’t taken any economic decisions since 1997!

“The Conservative Party were faced with the economic call of the century and they called it wrong,” he said.

But, as I hinted before, how does he know? There were Tory policies of course but arguing about them is merely theoretical at best.

“And I say a party that makes the wrong choices on the most critical decisions it would have faced in government should not be given the chance to be in government.”

Amen to that!

New Labour. Click. Off. Gone.

From the Indy


  1. jameshigham says:

    The bit that made me laugh was when he said that it was “judgment” which counted. Oh yes?

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    “we have changed the world before”

    Please stop.

  3. RAB says:

    The Sun newspaper is officially coming out against New Labour tomorrow.

    They are now, Toast.

  4. Plamus says:

    “the fighters and believers who change the world – we have changed the world before and we are going to do it again”

    Cue in South Park: “Cha-a-a-a-a-a-a-nge!”

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