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Fight back

I have a little sympathy with IanB, but I must emphasise, only a little. I understand his anger and his frustration, but much as I admire his understanding and insight I have always felt his comments to be far too pessimistic for my taste.

Fashions change, viewpoints alter, and a robust debate is still possible. However, I think the manner in which debate takes place must change.

For a long time I have given people this aphorism – Those on the right think their opponents are mistaken, the left thinks their opponents are evil.

Well, I was wrong.

Who thinks New Labour are a bunch of pleasant but misled people? Harriet Harman and her misandrous campaign to subvert the legal system? Barry O and his shafting of the Chrysler bond holders? Many of them retired Chrysler workers who thought they were investing for their old age until The One forced an Enron on them. Stop the War Coalition and their sucking up to the most vile opponents of free, secular and democratic societies. Jennifer Lynch and her determination to stamp out any opinion she disagrees with.

Sure, there are decent left. I disagree with much I read at Harry’s Place, but on the core issues I have no argument with them. They may disagree with much I say, but they don’t want to shut me up or criminalise my opinions.

The rest do.

We have allowed these people to set the terms of the debate. Remember the Tory conference in 2002? Theresa May, in her leopard skin shoes with kitten heels, telling the faithful that they were seen as the nasty party and that they had to change? I wanted to scream at her to shut up shut up shut up.

She was accepting her opponents terms of conflict and conceding the battlefield without further skirmish. Stupid cow. The Tory party was never the nasty party outside the fevered fantasies of the LSE and the BBC, and accepting this label condemned us to twelve years of the truly nasty New Labour.

Well, we know who the nasty party is now, and we need to tell them in no uncertain terms.

Socialism is unworkable crap, forced collectivism is offensive. Multiculturalism is poison to any society. This pernicious doctrine encourages ghettoisation and creates division where none need have existed.

You don’t believe in multiculturalism? You must be racist. You must be anti immigrant. Of course. What putrid garbage this claim is. I come from an immigrant society and I have been an immigrant. To claim I am anti immigrant is tripe, without recent population movements I wouldn’t even exist. So what do we say? Easy, remember the melting pot? The idea that races, cultures and people meld rather than remain separate?

To hell with being polite in discussion. You have seen Greenpeace stands, covered in slogans which all boil down to claims that humanity are a pestilence? When was the last time you pointed out to one of these ignorant do gooders just what a repulsive organisation they belonged to? Dishonesty, lies, smear of honest enterprises and incessant misanthropy.

Take Polly Toynbee. Please. Ok, sorry, the woman is either living in a fantasy, an Obamasque world of butterflies, governmental cornucopia and unicorns, or she truly approves of what New Labour have done to Britain, in which case she is not fit for civilised company.

George Monbiot actually wants to see us all poorer. He really and truly wants to see us all less capable of dealing with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. This is not some poor misinformed and semi numerate product of New Labours schools, this is a literate, numerate and sophisticated thinker.

Truly, how misinformed is Gordon Brown, with his endogenous growth theory? He knew what he was doing for ten years at Treasury.

Schools? State education, a public good, free at the point of delivery and paid for through universal taxation? Or government mandated political indoctrination paid for by expropriation of the fruits of your labour?

These people are evil, and I have had a gutful. New Labour is a fascist organisation, and I don’t mean fascist as in the standard lefty smear of “I don’t like you therefore you are a fascist”. I mean fascist as in Mussolini would have appreciated the principles and policies this lot spew around.

For decades we have let them set the agenda and the terms of the debate, and they could do it because everyone knows socialists are just so much nicer than everyone else. Well stuff that.

These are repugnant people, misanthropic, arrogant, spiteful and disdainful of choice. Call them what they are, and take the fight to the streets.

Ian, I invited you to join CCinZ because, despite any disagreements I might have had with you, I regarded you, and still do regard you, as an articulate, principled and doughty fighter in the cause of freedom, choice and human dignity. I would rather have you watching my back than just about anyone else I know. If you want to give up that is up to you, but I want my country back.

The invitation to help us both achieve this stands, and will continue to do so. Once a Kitty Kounter, always a Kitty Kounter.

Update: And I apologise to all and sundry for failing to mention Sir Johnathon Porritt Bt, and his repugnant plans to ‘deal’ with the problem of excess people.


  1. rated says:

    Absolutely. Without commentary from good folks like yourself, Ian, OH, Guido and every other blogger out there (a lot of whom will disagree until the cows come home, but every single one actually believes in a moralistic good which is designed to make everything better for everyone, rather than some things better for a select few as per the current administration prefers) there would be no ‘debate’ to be had at all (even though at present there is very little).

    Yes, it’s easy to see that we all feel like we’re shouting at brick walls at present, but with each blog that gets read, or each protest had, or each piece of bad press the current ‘masters of the universe’ get, the word spreads a little more. It’s not about revolution as that would be impossible; it’s about getting the message out that society does not have to be run this way, and that if people show an interest then eventually gradual changes will begin.

    Excellent, passionate post

  2. RayD says:

    I never met an IanB post I didn’t like.

  3. alison says:

    Wow. From Ian’s post to this. Round of applause

    My family were immigrants to this country. Multi culturalism is a ludicrous creed. Labour were a spiteful bunch but we always knew they would be. I blame the Tories for allowing this show to continue the way it has for as long as it has. Whilst they needed time to regroup at one point there is simply no excuse for their capitulating

    “She was accepting her opponents terms of conflict and conceding the battlefield without further skirmish. Stupid cow. The Tory party was never the nasty party outside the fevered fantasies of the LSE and the BBC, and accepting this label condemned us to twelve years of the truly nasty New Labour”

    Brilliant. The whole post was a brilliant piece of writing. With no disrespect at all to IanB, who you were broadly addressing.

  4. El Draque says:

    Peace, man.
    Remember the way governing classes go into decline, and eventually fall.
    First they are discreidted by unattached intellectuals.
    Then there’s a movement saying that, things must change.
    Then the careerists get involved, they see the discontent as their way in.
    Then comes the fall.

    If we’re unlucky, there comes a period when the fanatics seize control and it lurches too far the other way.

    At the moment, we are only in phase one.

    Keep nibbling away, and the whole lot will come crashing down. It took Macintyre ten years to get the information to undermine the AGW fantasy . . . but he got there.

  5. NickM says:

    That is true vintage Monbiot. I will lay gold to donuts that his carbon footprint is bigger than mine even by his own metrics. That’s a challenge George BTW.

    Hell, that’s an idea!


  6. CIngram says:

    Refreshing stuff, indeed. Truly invigorating of a morninjg to be reminded that there is a battle to be won and to feel young(ish) enough to play a part in it.

    But it pays to know the enemy. Polly Toynbee is not paid to inform, or even to think, but to pander to the prejudices of Guardian readers. She can be challenged on her economic illiteracy and her hypocrisy, as much as on the ideas behind her columns. And Monbiot, Porrit and co. are, as you say, evil. They want to make everyone else live in poverty, and die young, and it needs to be said as often as possible.

  7. Nick M says:

    And that is precisely why we count the cats.

  8. Locke says:

    Multiculturalism is a creed of freedom – surely any good libertarian must accept that the government has no business in interfering in peoples personal religious beliefs or where they choose to live.

    In fact, very few of us *do* care about the personal beliefs of our neighbours – except when they happen to be brown.

    Of course it`s about racism.

  9. Locke says:

    I actually think Polly Toynbee might be paid to irritate people like you.

    While anger won`t sell newspapers (I remember throwing the times out of the window once after reading a particuarly idiotic piece), with the addition of a comments section in which you`re free to blow off a bit of steam, it will get you online hits.

  10. JuliaM says:

    “In fact, very few of us *do* care about the personal beliefs of our neighbours – except when they happen to be brown.

    Of course it`s about racism.”

    The last time I’ve looked at a tv or internet report and seethed with anger at the stupid, hateful god-bothering scum it was the Westboro Baptist Church.

    And they’re as lily-white as me…

  11. CountingCats says:

    surely any good libertarian must accept that the government has no business in interfering in peoples personal religious beliefs or where they choose to live.

    Absolutely, which is a further reason to view the state sponsored ideology of multiculturalism as poison. Over hundreds of years, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States – and Britain, the melting pot just kinda happened. The Multi Culti garbage didn’t start fracturing these societies until socialist contol freak dickheads started making it official government doctrine.

    Glad you agree with me on this one.

    Of course it`s about racism
    Locke, you really do speak some ignorant and offensive garbage on occasion. When you come here you start spewing ‘racist’ at anything you disagree with. You are another New Labour ideologue who sees every topic through race tinged spectacles.

    Some of us don’t give a fuck about race, we really don’t. What we care about is ideas.

    And ideas and culture are not, I repeat, are not intrinsically tied into skin colour. Only those obsessed with race claim otherwise.

    Anyway, thanks for proving my point. You are precisely the sort of race baiter I was referring to in my original posting, responding with precisely the intolerant, abusive and baseless accusation of racism I was anticipating.

    Congratulations on proving me right.

  12. Locke says:

    In most peoples minds muslim=brown – the reason the big stink has been kicked up, the reason why the grannies are getting restless and the reason why the BNP has done so well is that people don`t like large numbers of foreigners on their doorstep. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of muslims are no more violent than their British neighbours and are happy to work and get on – they`re scary foreigners and they wear funny hats…

    Look at the recent hoo har about non-white people reproducing more prolifically than their white counterparts…

  13. CountingCats says:

    In most peoples minds muslim=brown
    You have done a survey then? Care to share the precise figures? Or have you just picked this assertion out of your arse?

    Sorry, all you are doing here is demonstrating your own prejudices and racism.

    An apology for your bigoted smearing of me would be nice.

    And try being a bit less obsessed with race yourself.

  14. Infidel753 says:

    In fact, very few of us *do* care about the personal beliefs of our neighbours – except when they happen to be brown.

    No, it’s “unless those personal beliefs include the conviction that God commands them to slaughter unbelievers.”

    My country has growing numbers of brown-skinned immigrants from India who are Hindus. Except for the Christian Right crazies, no one seems bothered by this. My impression is that the same is true in Britain. There have also been American-born, 100%-white people who have converted to Islam and sided with the jihadists. Everyone is bothered by this.

    The problem with Islam is Islam. Not skin color.

    (I’m not commenting on the libertarianism issues since I’m not a libertarian.)

  15. Nick M says:

    After 9/11 there were a few attacks upon Sikh temples – dusky sorts, wearing turbans!!! These were carried out by the thoroughly pignorant. That they were very few and far between indicates most Americans (and Brits and all the rest) are not thoroughly pignorant.

    Look, If most people think brown=muslim then *that* is the problem. I doubt they do. I also doubt that many people give a flying toss as to the ethnicity of their neighbour. You are sounding like a bloody 70s sitcom. Your characterisation of grannies is offensive and wrong. Oh, they might not talk the PC talk but they walk the walk. In 1945 a heavily preganant young woman from Calcutta married my Great Uncle (they were in the RAF together) and upon her pitching-up in County Durham she was met with great courtesy (sometimes too much – but then not many folks from an East Durham mining village had even met an Asian back then so they were sometimes overly and inappropriately helpfull). In particular my Gran was very helpful to a very young new mother.

    As to the BNP… They are arseholes. Griffin is from Wales and under English Law I still have the right to shoot him with a bow and arrow if I find him in my county town, Chester, after midnight.

    Cats is 100% right. Multi-culti arseholery is self-perpetuating racism. It is an industry based upon victimhood and the concept of the other. Maybe we are all born innately racist – I dunno – but… have more than fair dealings with an Iranian run computer business, sexual relations with a Jew, a laugh and a joke at the Bangladeshi run corner shop, work closely with a Nigerian, eat great food at a Kashmiri restaurant, be taught to swear in Urdu by Pakistanis, have a Polish (almost) brother-in-law and guess what? The edges (if they ever existed) chip off. And that is just me. Me who grew up in a very white town.

    You want my honest opinion? The BNP and multi-culti are co-dependent. They feed into each other and off each other.

    Due to my Great Uncle Harry’s swordsmanship during the war a large chunk of my family are mixed race (they went on to have ten kids). I find them difficult to understand at times. Not because they is brown but because they is Brum. Conversation between a Geordie and a Brummie of any colour selection either way is best done by the Universal Language of Gesture.

    Locke, d’ya not see that civil society and it’s countless interactions sorts this and government only aggravates this? And does so deliberately? So as to keep itself going.

  16. CountingCats says:

    Infidel, Nick,

    You are engaging him in conversation, and that is pointless. The man is just a race obsessed New Lab apparatchik wannabe, and should be treated as such.

    You are wasting your time, he does not comprehend a non race based worldview and it is pointless trying to explain it to him. We learnt that in the past.

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