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The Golfball Potato Crisp

Clive James on the BBC. Funny for the first half, then he gets serious, and interesting. Listen to both.

(Transcript here, in case anyone can’t get BBC iPlayer.)


  1. RichardB says:

    Excellent stuff. Thanks for the link, shamelessly copied to my own blog.

  2. RAB says:

    Clive James was the only thing worth reading in the Observer, when he was TV critic years ago.

    Good that he is doing stuff like that on the world Service.

    But on a technical point, you would never have had this trouble with the old style balls, and I dont mean all the way back to gutty purcher either.

    Up to the eighties (they are made in two solid halves and stuck together now) golf balls had an outer coating of polyurathane wid da dimples. Inside that there was a thick layer of wound elastic and the core was a little rubber ball with something like liquid clay inside.

    I chucked a box of “Cut” ones on a bonfire once.

    Wow! that was a bunch of run for cover laughs!
    Once the outer cover burns off the elastic bands go berzerk!

  3. TDK says:

    The second link is to the latest essay (text version) not the particular one.

    This is the latest link

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