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They really are idiots


Arugula anyone?

H/T Power and Control


  1. Tor Hershman says:

    E Lights the night to count pussies not in Zanzibar


  2. Tor Hershman says:

    Our Savior, Ed Wood, teaches that “all you [us] of Earth are idiots.”

    And now, the chance to count many pussies not in Zanzibar.


  3. Tor Hershman says:

    Feces, stoopid puter did a thingy.


  4. Stan Mann says:

    Having seen it in a few pics of “the one”,I was trying to remember who this pose reminded me of – bingo! Old newsreels of Mussolini reviewing parades.
    M added a gesture though,gently but briskly slapping the exposed throat/chin area with the back of his right hand’s 4 extended fingers.I have no idea what the significance of this was meant to be.
    Could be adopted as a useful signal to his crew,e.g. “attention,teleprompt has problems”.

  5. RAB says:

    Not just her either.

    Can you imagine what Cherie Satchmo Blair will be like when hubby becomes Boney Blair the 1st of the United States of Europe?

    She is already an expert at the Harrods supermarket sweep now!

    You even have to pay £800 to be photographed with the Countryfucker for a millisecond, these days.

  6. Nick M says:

    I disagree with the word “elite” in this context.

    Mossad are elite,

    The SAS are elite,

    Real Madrid are elite.

    Tony’s horrible missus and Barry and his even worse missus are just jumped-up non-entities who think they are elite.

    Being elite is not about the mbership of a clique. It is about having a technical skill beyond mere mortal comprehension.

    I am merely deadly.

    Although I prefer being both loyal and greedy.

    Yes, they are refs which folks who don’t game will not get.

  7. Sunfish says:

    So, I guess telling an intern “Go to the Wild Oats and get me some Tuscan Kale, whatever the f*** that is” was not an option?

    I mean, twenty years ago Arkansas State Troopers would go and pick up hookers for some guy with a saxophone who thought he was the governor. Surely the skill at running errands for the boss has not been lost!

  8. Paul Marks says:

    One can not have former residents of the Hyde Park area of Chicago (the home of some of the most distingished Marxists in the nation – and some of the most distingished Islamists also, and they get on really well “the enemy of my enemy” and the enemy of both being the reactionary “freedom” loving West) rubbing shoulders with with common herd.

    The common herd are for “organizing” for getting to shout “Obama, Obama” in a rapture (and for tearing the pieces the enemies of THE ONE) – not for rubbing shoulders with.

    Of course once Michelle Obama could have gone to “Whole Foods” for her “organic stuff”, however the founder of Whole Foods turns out not to like THE ONE, in fact he thinks he is a Maxist scumbag.

    The founder of Whole Foods has committed two crimes (three if one includes not handing over his chain of stores to the people’s represatives).

    He has associated Marxism with something bad (the greatest and most noble minds in the history of the universe are not scumbags), and the inner secrets (the unholy mysteries) are not for the common herd (those victims of false consciousness) are not educated enough to learn of the noble Marxism of THE ONE.

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