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Nucking Futz

The world is officially now utterly deranged.

Despite being at war and having an economy which is a basket-case The Ministry of Culture (shudder) has decided that our greatest peril lies from the kiddiewinks playing World of Warcraft online. Apparently the under twelves can’t, you see, distinguish fantasy from reality. Which is odd because I had read The Lord of The Rings by the age of ten and quite amazingly I had this subtle intuition that Professor Tolkein had not in fact written a history book and that in the Uruk-Hai were not lurking with murderous intent under my bed.

Of course as with every policy to do with kids this also involves peadophiles of course. Apparently such people are getting their rocks off by having virtual sex with the kid’s avatars…

That is like something out of Brass Eye’s Peadogeddon episode…

Note well in that not safe for work video the section about indecent images and note further that this show was filmed years before the demented violent and extreme pornography act.

In an unrelated story it would appear that even people who don’t work with kids are now gonna have to sign-up to be CRBed.

In yet another unrelated story the UN has appointed Barrie/Disney’s Tinkerbell as a Green ambassador to reach out to children.

So, we have come full-circle then… When allegedly responsible adults are behaving as insanely as the British Government and the UN in a bizarre conflation of fantasy and reality perhaps the kids also need a little guidance on the difference? Although God knows who from anymore…

H/T to Ambush Predator, Samizdata and Mark Wadsworth (all on the blogroll).


  1. Kevin B says:

    In yet another unrelated story the UN has appointed Barrie/Disney’s Tinkerbell as a Green ambassador to reach out to children.

    “Believe in AGW or the fairy gets it!”

  2. Nick M says:

    I know Kevin. It is beyond parody… “Now children, do you believe in fairies…”

  3. john in cheshire says:

    It appears to me that the American socialist administration is following the methods developed by blair, brown, campbell, straw, mandelson et al. Including intimidation of all who disagree, including the press; and tv news.

    It will have taken us over 13 years to get rid of our lying dictatorial cabal. How long will it take the US? Hopefully only another 3 years. But I thought the UK labour party would only last for one term; how wrong I was. I wouldn’t be surprised if obama lasts two terms and by then, no matter who is in government here, the socialist agenda will have been made irreversible.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    Who says we’re rid of them, John? The names will change next year, but nothing else will.

  5. jameshigham says:

    Stuff like warcraft just passed me by.

  6. Rob Farrington says:

    Oh shit, so that’s why I wasted so many hours trying to lift my dad’s car by the power of the force when I was aged ten or eleven.

    I thought that I was just a crap jedi, when all the time the force didn’t even exist…

    Begone, Yoda – false friend and irritating green twat, you are *throws ‘Empire Strikes Back’ DVD across the room*!

  7. Von Spreuth says:

    Na. I used to play with airfix soldiers at 9 and ten years old. And guess what? I have NE`VER shot a Yank, or a Brit in my life since.

    Funny that. Wonder why?

  8. Paul Marks says:

    I do not see how there is anything funny here.

    After all Tinkerbell is a world renowed expert on “climate change” – the leading scientific adviser to the many governments, and to the “world community” as a whole.

    Any criticism of Tinkerbell is both sexist, sizeist and speciesist – and if any of you are even thinking of saying “I do not believe in….” you had better not you homocidal maniacs! So will be reeducated if you try any hate speech.

    As for the Ministry of Culture (how lucky we are to live in a country with such things as a “Ministry of Culture” and a “Ministry of Justice” and SOCA and the Equality Commission and ….. all the other trappings of a modern Progressive go-ahead country), it is doing noble work.

    In this case trying to keep the distinction in the minds of children between absurd works of fantasy (such as the Bill of Rights of 1689) and serious factual things – such as the plots by evil peadophile, globel warming denying, BNP activists in league with the Tooth Fairy.

    By the way the Tooth Fairy is the arch enemy of Tinkerbell – but Progressive govenrment is here to help. The new one trillion Pound research project (financed by the monetary expansion by the Bank of England – so it will cost nothing and STIMULATE THE ECONOMY as well) may not actually defeat the Tooth Fairy, but it will be useful to Tinkerbell – in a very real sense.

  9. elizabeth says:

    “For children under 12 who cannot make the distinction between fantasy and reality, we need tough regulation,”

    Yikes Margaret Hodge is a scary lady.

    Trying to regulate children’s imagination is surely a step too far.

    They want to slow the kids down and kill their thinking. I so wish we could reduce the fear of these ridiculous but powerful control freaks who cannot see that with increased connection and generation of ideas the next generation are more likely to create fab ways of living we can’t even dream about. We need to support them in getting on with it.

    Mrs Hodge knows little about children under 12. If she ever knew any she can’t have paid proper attention. This idea that kids don’t get the difference between reality and fantasy is utter bollocks. There is an appearance of such a difficulty in kids who have been manipulated to belive in Fr Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, no child has a real difficulty with this stuff though. Some may prefer fantasy to reality, that happens when reality sucks, and who could blame them for such a choice.

    Mrs Hodge doesn’t get that children and their parents are responsible for their development and that a government is useful only as a fall-back parent in cases where parents really fail. If the government take over all direction in the upbringing of children they will skew evolution in a direction I can’t bear to think about.

  10. Nick M says:

    Great comment elizabeth! Please come back. Kids need to play. We all need to play. That free but not unproductive time is indeed where ideas come from.

    My background is in physics. At it’s best it is playing with equations and guess what? Pencil, paper and the manipulation of the symbols can take one to very interesting and useful places. I think of it as play but then I have always enjoyed mathematics.

    Utterly directed time and utterly directed curricula will only achieve more of the same.

    And that I’m bored with already!

  11. elizabeth says:

    Thanks Nick

    Lucky you enjoying maths, makes no sense not to enjoy it really but the way it’s usually taught has put most of us off it.

    I know they use these human rights things as a way to constrain people while telling us how lucky we are, but I came across this wrt to something unrelated. They usually quote such things as way to insist parents accept their input into our children’s lives. We need to keep using their tools back on them.

    United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

    clause 1 of article 13

    “The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child’s choice.”

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