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Bedtime Stories

This obscenity is being shown ad nauseum by the government on British telly. And yes, it really is called “Bedtime Stories”.

This is now completely beyond a fucking joke.


  1. RAB says:

    Gawd, I flagged this one up one a thread, weeks ago.

    First you had the Science Museum, then the Maldives Govt, and running in the background, night after night, that pile of offensive shit!

    The Govt have, or rather the Adverising Standards Quango has, received over 270 complaints from the public over this info/ad cum fairytale, along the lines of

    How dare you fling this nonsense at our pop kids….

    The Govt reply, that the intention is to influence adults not children…

    Oh really???

    If true, that is the most insulting thing of all !

  2. Paul Marks says:

    My response to this is predictable (“it is what you always say Paul”), but it should be given anyway.

    Where is the support for nuclear power in this ad?

    As even James “the Gaia man” Lovelock (the founder of the British Green movement) admits, if someone does believe that C02 emissions are a serious problem they must support a MASSIVE expansion of nuclear power. Windmills and “conservation” will achieve next to nothing.

    So what is the point of (TAXPAYER FINANCED) ads that say “X is a terrible threat” and then advocate using less energy (“when people use energy they release C02 which is bad…..” as if …..) which is a policy that even Lovelock admits is a non starter.

    The only point can be to make young children (and perhaps adults) go along with the new religion – not to flag up a real problem and suggest a solution.

    And the “new religion”? Simple enough – X (“globel warming”, “climate change” “drought” OR “floods” – ANYTHING) is a terrible threat – only GOVERNMENT can save you, worship GOVERNMENT, bow down and worship us right now. Otherwise your young children will hate you.

  3. Kevin B says:

    The good news is that the ASA is investigating the ad. I(f you scroll down the comments on this post at WUWT you will find a comment from Philip Bratby quoting a response from the ASA detailing the grounds it would be investigating, including:

    1. the ad was political in nature and should not be broadcast;

    2. the theme and content of the ad, for example the dog drowning in the storybook and the depiction of the young girl to whom the story was being read, could be distressing for children who saw it;

    3. the ad should not have been shown when children were likely to be watching television;

    4. the ad was misleading because it presented human induced climate change as a fact, when there was a significant division amongst the scientific community on that point;

    5. the claim “over 40% of the CO2 was coming from ordinary everyday things” was misleading;

    6. the representation of CO2 as a rising cloud of black smog was misleading;

    7. the claims about the possible advent of strange weather and flooding, and associated imagery in the ad, in the UK were exaggerated, distressing and misleading;

    Some complainants objected to the press ad on the grounds of (4) and (7) above and we will also be investigating those complaints.

    Ofcom is also looking at it. Be interesting to see what comes of it.

  4. Nick M says:

    Well, in these parts you are preaching to the converted. Alas not in others. The country which has “invested” the most in wind energy is Germany. To provide base-load they have to buy electricity from France and guess how most French electricity is generated…

    And yes, it is targetted at kids to name and shame their parents. It won’t be long before they are eporting Daddy for buying a new car with a big engine. Now which other political systems did that? Oh, yeah…

    I am not surprised. The dog is truly appalling. Drive an SUV and Gaia drowns a lovely puppy…

  5. RAB says:

    I kinda liked the drowning dog myself, my generation would love it.
    Very Captain Pugwash!

    But then we did things to ants with magnifying glasses back then that would get us locked up today.

  6. JuliaM says:

    The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum on global warming, but it’s always amusing when they go a bit too far, like this ad, and have to brace for the inevitable backlash.

    Almost as funny as when a Labour suckup decides to savage the Nation’s Favourite Gardener over his remarks and gets a kicking on his very own blog :)

  7. Nick M says:

    Oh Julia that’s delish!

    And the thing is Titchmarsh is a gardener of many years experience and Joan Ruddock is…What exactly? Polly-lite? Basically what I’m saying is that if as Titchmarsh has you’ve spent quite a lot of time over the past few decades gardening you might be expected to notice trends and the like in terms of what actually grows or doesn’t on your patch. I mean that’s part of the whole point of AGW right – traditional crops will fail and they’ll be planting EU-funded olive groves on the banks of the Clyde.

    Or to to put it another way… You can take a horticulture but you cannot make her think.

    You naughty man – though I guess it gave you a grounding in the optical sciences. I want a 1000 word essay on the subject of converging lenses on my desk by 9am tomorrow morning!

    Actually they wouldn’t lock you up for that. You’re hardly likely to get locked-up for decking a pensioner and making off with her hand-bag. Nah, you’d get counselling and a social worker who would be… Why is it social workers all look like social workers? They really do: socks and sandals, leather patches on tatty tweed jackets, bad teeth, ethnic skirts. Their uniform is more distinctive than the Household Cavalry!

    BTW, as a very young child I found that unit’s name amusing. Conjuring as it did images of lancers on the landing.

  8. Sam Duncan says:

    Should be called “Fairy Stories”, ho ho.

    “Now which other political systems did that?”

    It reminds me of one of the most powerful scenes in Robert Harris’s Fatherland, in which the hero’s son rats him out to the Gestapo as an “anti-social”. (Now, where have we heard that term before?)

  9. elizabeth says:

    I don’t often watch grown ups TV so hadn’t seen this ad.

    Must admit to being a bit of a greenie. You folks may be right on GW, clearly there is some doubt about the figures. But I still don’t see a need for waste, and we should seek to make the smallest impact on the environment, I really think that the Voluntary Simplicity idea is a great route to increased freedom. Who wants big electricity bills, why work hard to buy more than we really need?

    I agree that none of it should be forced on anyone though, these are choices I try make and they never trump the no coercion aim.
    Sorry for the wanderning confession.

    Anyway I agree this advertising stinks, I hate all this for the sake of the children stuff, as if they mean it.

    This is even worse though: getting the kids to go undercover to show up the parent’s eco-sins!

  10. Nick M says:

    I am genuinely concerned about the environment. This means I re-use rather than recycle for example. Hell, part of my business is coaxing more life out of ageing computer systems which saves money, resources and landfill!

    And that is why I get so upset about the Green quasi-religious idiocy.

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