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Soldiers of the IDF

Long-time readers will recall that Cats has a fondness for some of the lovely ladies who serve in the IDF.

What utter twaddle. All I have ever posted is pictures of soldiers of the IDF. I don’t even notice their sex.

However, Nick has reminded me, I haven’t posted any pictures of these warriors for some time. Although I don’t understand why he thinks it has anything to do with my fondness for the fairer sex. These are just soldiers, ok?

Soldiers of the IDF.


With thanks to Rachel Papo


  1. RAB says:

    Ah that’s more like it!

    What a foxy little lady, and a smoker too. I’m sure we would get on famously!

    Pity she was at the back of the queue when the battledress was being issued though.

  2. El Draque says:

    Popular worldwide, i believe.
    An Israeli soft-porn internet company found last year it was making a quarter-million dollars per year from subscriptions from Saudi Arabia.
    Most popular line? Israeli army girls getting out of their uniforms.

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