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Green MEP demonstrates ignorance

Caroline Lucas MEP calls for end to ‘great food swap’ and urges food sovereignty at London conference.
In a talk entitled Safety and Food Miles, the Green campaigner and Euro-MP called for an end to the inefficient, oil-dependent system of intensive global food production which stifles local economies, threatens human and animal health, and harms the environment.

I don’t know if this Greenie moron is just plain ignorant, or whether she sincerely wants to reintroduce food insecurity to the Europe. Suffice it to say, the ability to trade for food eliminates mass hunger wherever it is tried.

She concluded: “A re-localisation of our food systems would allow us take back control of our food from industrialists and financiers, and to feed a growing population in a way that is equitable and sustainable, while safeguarding human health, as well as the welfare of animals and the environment.

Allow ‘us’ to take back control? What does she mean by us? If she thinks I am going to do more than grow an occasional tomato or carrot as a background hobby she is out of her green and tiny brain. Outside that, why should I care if it is supplied by industrialists, financiers or Afghan camel drivers, so long as it is cheap, plentiful and nutritious.

Eliminating the benefits of economies of scale will result in mass starvation, and the biggest threat to human and animal health would be a return to the three field production system which clearly has her fantasising in the depths of the night. This woman wants to increase cost, while reducing quantity, quality and choice.

The pejorative use of the bogeyman word ‘oil’ makes her motivations clear. I can see her making the sign to ward off the evil eye every time she passes a service station.

Many countries are vulnerable to food shortages because of a dependence on imports. The UK, for example, currently relies on imports to provide almost one third of food consumed, giving us one of the lowest self-sufficiency rates in the EU.

So? Just what is the UK self sufficient in? Do we care, as long as there is someone willing to sell it to us? In return for what we sell them of course.

This woman has no knowledge of economics, agriculture, distribution or history, but seriously believes her opinion is more than worthless.

Another example of the extraordinary arrogance of the invincibly ignorant.


  1. NickM says:

    She ought to be given a strip field and force to live on it and eat dung or something.

    I bought a lot of air-freighted food at Tesco today. Zambian mange-tout, Sri-Lankan tuna, Alaskan salman… Nothing from Zimbabwe, or Cuba, or North Korea or Chavezia.

    I just want these people to fuck off and live in an organic yurt on the Isle of Wight and get rickets and scurvy.

    Anyone who believes an industrialised nation doesn’t need industry or finance to feed itself is already living there. No industiralists? So all pies are made by Mrs Miggins, personally? No financiers? So no credit deal for the farmer who wants to buy a new tractor?


  2. RAB says:

    I googled up the good Doctor Lucas
    curious to know what her doctorate might be in, that allows her to be so positive in her views on food production, climate change etc etc.

    I’d have settled for Chemistry or physics, let alone Climatology or Economics,

    But what did this Oracle get a PHD for?

    For this

    Writing for Women: A study of woman as reader in Elizabethan Romance.

    Says it all really doesn’t it?

    She has been living in a fictional world for a very long time!

    Oh and she gained this great honour from one of our highest, most prestdigious establishments…

    The University of Exeter!

    Now I dont want to sneer, but Nick and I went to a proper University, not one that was pretending not to be a Polytechnic (which Exeter certainly was in the early 70s).

    Madam you have a worthless piece of paper from a 5th rate University in English Literature for chrissakes!

    Please piss off and write another Biog of the Brontes and leave the rest of us 21st centurions alone please!!!!

  3. RAB says:

    Cant resist!

    Got any more of that Alaskan Salman
    You could Rushdee down to me?

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