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Green Kills

Sometimes the malign effects of eco policy are too blatant for even their most ardent supporters to spin into cheers. From the BBC -

The replacement of traditional fuels with biofuels has dragged more than 30 million people worldwide into poverty, an aid agency report says.

Oxfam says so-called green policies in developed countries are contributing to the world’s soaring food prices, which hit the poor hardest.

The thing that sticks in the craw most, is how blindingly inevitable this was. I cannot comprehend how anyone possessed of two neurons to synapse, and willing to use them, could ever have expected a different outcome.

This is food people. FOOD. Start sticking it into cars instead of people and food costs go up. When there are people on a dollar a day, and you start doubling their food bill, what in the name of all sanity do you THINK will happen to their living standards?

The group also says biofuels will do nothing to combat climate change.

Well there is a surprise. I could have told them that, and it wouldn’t have cost more than a phone call.

Sigh, what do we expect when policy is set by people with a degree in wimmens studies?

One UN adviser went as far as describing biofuels as a “crime against humanity”.

Now this is a whole different ball of wax. When one authoritarian policy fails, the nasties start calling for another; they just can’t let go.

A crime against humanity is loading people into cattle trucks and shipping them to the death camps, being stupid isn’t. Even if that stupidity ruins peoples lives.

I don’t want to see these people on trial, just sacked.


  1. Nick M says:

    this the same Oxfam who not long since had full-page ads about AGW as the problem?

    And it’s more than 30m. Africans will starve, Mexicans will riot (and I don’t blame them) and you and me will just be an itty-bit poorer and that’s just swell in the country economic climate. That’s just what we need.

    Some biofuels are economic. byproducts, recycled cooking oil and stuff like that can work. and I’m fairly sure they survive without subsidy.

    I saw on the telly recently something on palm-oil or some such for fuels being planted on virgin jungle in the Phillipines. It had been worked out that these plantations would take 200 years to achieve carbon-neutrality: fuel produced vs loss of jungle. Not to mention loss of biodiversity and all sort of potential issues such as soil erosion, flooding…

  2. RAB says:


    I first heard about the cooking oil thing years ago
    A new manager at the ASDA supermarket in Bangor N Wales, was checking through his sales figures and discovered that his store sold 5000 per cent more cooking oil than any Asda in the country.
    Well that might explain why Bangor High st smelled like a chip shop even though there wasn’t one, he thought.

    The canny local farmers had found out about mixing a small amout of diesel with cooking oil and their vehicles ran fine.

    You’d think the Govt would have been happy with the situation wouldn’t you?
    Saving money and oil and all?

    Oh deary me no!

    See if you put the oil in the pan and cook with it, then pour it down the drain, no problem.
    But if you have the temerity to put it in your gastank then gurning Gordon wanted the full excise duty on it litre for litre with Diesel, or you’ll be arrested.

    Make up your minds GOV do you want to save the planet or steal our money?

    Yes I thought so!

  3. NickM says:

    A lad, a farmer’s son who went to school with my wife is doing very well for himself recycling it. He actually invented a new filtration process. Of course, subsidy and tax and what not are just all over the place. I was wondering what the hell some Greenie on the telly was on about complaining about government subsidieds on aviation kerosene. What he actually meant was that unlike petrol it ain’t really taxed. Why? How can it be when the business is essentially international. Let’s say we stuck a stonking tax on av-gas what do you think the airlines would do? Fill-up in France, distort flight patterns to use low tax-regime airports as much as possible. make flying even more of a misery for all of us and burn even more fuel. Brilliant!

  4. CountingCats says:

    Yeah, not taxing something is a subsidy, and cutting income tax is giving money to the rich.

    Newspeak dishonesty, the lot of it.

  5. Sunfish says:

    One UN adviser went as far as describing biofuels as a “crime against humanity”.

    This will not end well. Any time some government guy (or in this case, some “wishes he were a government guy”) uses the term “crime against humanity” he’s just asking for a train wreck before it’s over.

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