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Polywell in Peninsula, Bullshit in Britain

Students at Peninsula College have built a basement Polywell Fusion Reactor. It cost $3000. Meanwhile us Brits are set to become a nation of Windy Millers Yes, that’s right. $100 billion on fucking windmills which are totally unable to provide base-load generation.

Earlier this month, Paul Golby, the chief executive of the German-owned E.ON (one of our largest electricity companies), came up with the shattering admission that the back-up needed for our new wind turbines would amount to 90 per cent of their capacity.This alone would mean building scores more gas and coal-fired power plants, to guarantee continuous supply during those times when the wind is not blowing and therefore the turbines are not generating any electricity.

It is this which reveals the true enormity of the madness now confronting us – because Britain already faces an unprecedented crisis over its energy supplies, even before our infatuation with wind power is taken into account.

For the sum of £100 billion which the Government plans to spend on the new turbines, we could buy 37 ‘carbon-free’ nuclear power stations at current prices, permanently supplying enough electricity to cover all our current needs. And we need this new generating capacity right now.

-my emphasis

Yes, that’s right 37 fission stations, all our juice. I have written here before about the utter ignorance, contempt and hatred our Lords and Masters have for science. I am going to a star-party at Jodrell Bank Telescope (the World’s largest stearable radio array) in a few days time. It might be my last chance. It is under threat of closure to save £7.6m. This from a government that spends £500 billion a year which is, by and large, either pissed-up the wall or pissed onto us from a great height (their own figures suggested the smoking ban was going to cost £1.6 billion) and is planning on spending God alone knows how much (they clearly don’t) on a glorified fucking-sports day in London in 2012.

To say that I’m mad as hell is an understatement. I’m madder than a sack full of wolverines on PCP.

Every single member of this government ought to be made to read about Liam Winterbottom, 6, who is trying to raise money to save the big ‘scope. If they then do not hang their heads in shame and do the decent thing they ought to be dragged out into the street and kicked to death. Of course they have no shame and no deceny and quite frankly they are so demonstrably, clearly a bunch of evil, unprincipled, morally and intellectually crippled bastarding cunts I can see a very good case for doing it just on general principles already. Already? It’s well past time…

I hope Liam gets to be a spaceman. It won’t be in this country, though. He’ll be lucky, by the time he leaves school, if we’ve still got fucking electricity in Britain.

I hope I have conveyed my dismay, anger and near hecatombic rage in this post. And, no, I’m not even vaguely mollified by NeuArbeit getting gang-fucked up the Gary in Henley last night. That humiliation (they lost their deposit and finished behind the Greens and the BNP!) is not even coming close to what they deserve. I want to hear them howling for a mercy that they shall not receive before I will be even half-way satiated.

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  1. CountingCats says:

    Neu Arbeit are a bunch of barbarians. They may be barbarians with degrees, but who cares, they regard civilisation with contempt and are pulling it down around our ears.

    Old Labour may have been a bunch of socialist idiots, but at least they had a vision of the new Jerusalem. This lot aren’t fit to lick William Morris’s boots.

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