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Green Kills

This purely an opinion piece, no news or happenings from around the world to share -

You know, there was once a time when even the nasties on the left, let alone the loopies, sought to justify their lust for control by claiming they wanted to improve the lot of the poorer and generally make humankind better off, but these days?

The green left doesn’t even pretend any more. They just want the levers of control and repression in their hands and have dropped any pretence of giving a fuck about mass poverty. Just so long as they can wibble on about Saving The Planet they feel justified in pushing any ratbag Stalinist hell they think they can get away with.

That myth, ‘The Welfare of The People’, no longer rates a mention, even in passing, and forget about any expressions of true concern for the welfare of people. When true human suffering is raised it is just an inconvenience, something to be airbrushed out of the narrative of Caring for The Environment.

You know, I applaud people who get rich, who work for it, creating wealth for all and making millions while doing it. I will admit to a little envy, a smidgeon of jealousy even, but I really begrudge them not a dollar of it. Al Gore though? With him I make an exception; I loath that arsehole with all my heart, and all my soul. Drivelling and drooling on about how we all need to cut back, all the time getting fabulously wealthy from scaremongering and encouraging pointless policies which have the sole effect of making a nightmare of already poverty stricken lives.

I so look forward to seeing him sued.


  1. Nick M says:

    Well, that’s the difference between Clem Atllee and the current shower of gits we now have. In the past the left were frequently wrong-headed about industry but they at least cared about it and understood the importance of it. Even Kruschev attempted (with some success) to increase production of consumer goods to improve the lot of his subjects (and also to stimulate the economy and encourage agricultural production – why produce more food and make more $ if there’s nothing to spend it on).

    This lot are totally disconnected from the mining, growing, making or building of anything. And those four things are the material basis of Civilisation.

    There’s a possibly apocrophal story about Peter Meddlesome in his Hartlepool consituency going round it and do his “man of the people” act. He goes into a chip-shop and buys haddock and chips and then (pointing at the mushy peas) asks “and some of that guacomole, please”.

    I suspect when we were ruled by aristocrats they at least chatted with their ghilies and game-keepers and stable lads and farm-managers and knew what the fuck was actually going on.

    Green has become self-fulfilling. It worries people because they keep on being told to worry. The politcos react because they always react to opinion polls and so it goes on, around and around like water down a plug-hole. I’m sure very few of them have the slightest grasp of ecology of climatology or energy economics.

    Example: When the cipher that is the leader of Her Majesties loyal opposition decided he wanted to see for himself about AGW. What did he do? Did he talk to scientists? Did he get folk to review the literature and produce a report for him? Did he evaluate any kind of cost-benefit stuff. No he went to a glacier in Norway and had a photo-oportunity sitting on a snowmobile. It was later rather coyly added that he had off-set his carbon for the trip.

  2. NickM says:

    Anyway Cats, he ain’t an “arsehole”, he’s The Gorefice.

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