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Compare this with this.

So we are grounding helicopters whilst at war to cover half the NHS budget on the most blatent of utter quackery…

Abso-fucking-lutely typical.

I don’t think the Afghan front should involve the War on Drugs but it’s the principle.

Whilst on the subject of healthcare: compare and contrast this and this.

The same organisation that can’t keep a hospital ward clean is to be lecturing us from The Book of The Goreacle.

Every fucker responsible for all this tomfoolery ought to be put in a camp, injected with MRSA and then only given homeopathic “remedies”. When they die horribly it will at least save them the terrors of dying from climate change.


  1. Pa Annoyed says:

    Be thankful they haven’t decided to send some homeopathetic doctors to treat the combat injured.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t suggest that?

  2. NickM says:

    On the like for like principle does that mean they’d shoot ‘em again?

    It’s been done. At the time of Waterloo the standard treatment for a gunshot wound was bleeding!

  3. not on medication says:

    Can anybody explain drug costs to me?:

    “Two weeks ago, for example, it was decided that Nexavar, a drug that extends the lives of people suffering from liver cancer, should not be available on the NHS: although it performed better than a placebo, its proven benefits were not deemed significant enough to justify the cost of £3,000 per month per patient.”

    (from the Telegraph article linked above)

  4. RAB says:

    Paul McCartney is getting in on the act too. He is to address the EU on the need to eat less meat.
    Less Meat means less Heat! Snappy eh?

    My inside sources tell me that he has re-written the lyrics to one of his old songs for the occasion…

    Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

    Now it looks as though their here to stay

    Oh I believe in yesterday.

    Suddenly I’m not half the man I used to be

    I’ve given up eating meat you see

    Oh Warming came on me suddenly!

    Why she had to go and start a line of Veggie Burgers,

    I dont know, she wouldn’t say

    Now she’s gone, they’re still selling strong

    So it’s not hurting MY pocket anyway

    Oh I believe in the Veggie Way.

  5. Pa Annoyed says:

    Here’s some more goodness from the NHS!

    Not on medication,

    I believe the basic argument is: you have £20,000, you can either stitch up 100 bleeding people in casualty faster and save their lives, or give one person an extra six months of (painful) life before dying of cancer. Which do you pick to save? A hundred people, or one?

    Those aren’t real numbers, but that’s the basic concept. It’s a hard choice, for anyone. Obviously, it makes a big difference if you’re the one.


    I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

  6. not on medication says:

    Pa – I was after info. on why a months drug course should cost £3000?

  7. NickM says:

    n o m,

    God knows. The market in the UK is totally scewed by the NHS. And some things for so many reasons cost more than others anyway.

  8. NickM says:

    PA, that link was in my original post!

  9. Pa Annoyed says:

    Oh, so it was. I looked at your first two links, but skipped the other two.

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