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All criticism is forbidden

An independent country no more. As from tomorrow, a dependent province of a brand new polity.

A system of managerial fascism.

No more, and no less.

We are now part of a fascist state.


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    I came to more or less that conclusion a long time ago.

    Although it was thought up as a bulwark against (communo-)fascism, its origins are in the Age of Dictators, and its methods are similar. What its instigators found worrying about fascism was its nationalism, and – to be fair to EUnionists who bang on about 60 years of peace – aggression. They feared that people, given their democratic heads, might vote for these Strong Men. So they created a sort of pan-nationalist bureaucratic – supposedly benevolent, but aren’t they all? – dictatorship instead. Instead of the Strong Man, there would be a Commission of Grey Men, who would consult Experts on how best to govern, tying the hands of the elected national governments to prevent them from doing anything deemed harmful.

    Nothing about the way the EU works can be understood without that information. Almost everything about it makes sense once you have it.

  2. RAB says:

    A gent name of Jean Monnet is the man to blame for the Fascist States of Europe, as it will soon become. He was never elected to fuckin anything either.
    Here is the money quote from his Wiki entry….

    Monnet’s intentions can be described as such, as eurosceptic Adrian Hilton wrote about what he perceived to be Monet’s aspiration for Europe:

    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”[7]

    Monnet is reported to have also expressed somewhat similar sentiments, but without the notion of intentional deception, saying “Via money Europe could become political in five years” and “… the current communities should be completed by a Finance Common Market which would lead us to European economic unity. Only then would … the mutual commitments make it fairly easy to produce the political union which is the goal.”[8]

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