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Happy St Andrew’s Day

Happy St Andrews Day to all our Scottish readers. Please enjoy a dram responsibly or Nicola Sturgeon will get ya!

Just one thing puzzles me though – this is how Google chose to celebrate:

Before I rolled-over that I thought it must be Bram Stoker’s birthday or something. Not exactly cheery is it?


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Cheers mate, but nobody except politicians and the BBC actually celebrates St. Andrew’s Day (I hadn’t actually noticed it was today, to be honest). Scotland’s national holiday is Burns Night. Or Hogmanay.

    It’s a Protestant thing. A couple of generations ago, Santa came on Hogmanay. Christmas was Papist. As are saint’s days.

    Of course, none of that means much these days. But having been brought up otherwise, celebrating St. Andrew’s Day still seems a bit “foreign” to me.

  2. RAB says:

    I will raise a glass with Sam and any Scots present.

    I trust you will be doing the same sort of thing on March the first will you Nick?

    There is a Welsh whiskey now you know!

  3. subrosa says:

    Thanks Nick. I can’t see what the photo is though. Is it a kilted drunk lying in the street or some other Scots stereotype?

    I don’t celebrate St Andrews Night much either but we are having stovies tonight (I like them the others don’t).

    Like Sam I save my energies for Hogmanay and Burns Night.

  4. RAB says:

    Funny thing though, St Andrew was not Scottish and had never been there (though his relics may have passed through creating miracles, yeah yeah) and St George wasn’t English either.
    So the only two Native born British Saints were St David and St Patrick, and they were both Welsh, tee hee!

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