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There are many that documents that are important. There are many that are beautiful and valuable. In a museum in Cambridge there is first edition of the Principia Mathematica with marginal notes from Isaac Newton. I would chew Mike Tyson’s arms off to own that.

“This is the single most important piece of paper in the world today.”

So said the executive director of Greenpeace about something Ban Ki-moon jizzed on in Copenhagen.

Well, he’s welcome to it. And I know exactly what he can do with it as well.

In a carbon neutral fashion of course.


  1. Angry Exile says:

    And if further evidence were needed that Greenpeace sold out, this would be it. The Greenpeace of old, the one that thought little of getting between an explosive tipped harpoon and a thirty ton animal that has no idea that you’re on its side, would have been tearing new ones left, right and centre over all that this ‘important piece of paper’ conspicuously fails to mention. The new Greenpeace, the one that mostly hangs banners on things that won’t shoot or inadvertently crush you, doesn’t feel the need. The old Greenpeace would probably have ranted about how little substance there is in this document, but the new Greenpeace sees that what’s important to it now has been amply covered: there will be another junket and it’s a fucking cert that Greenpeace will be attending. All aboard the Big Eco Gravy Train – next stop COP-16.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    We are seeing the results of breeding cretins and retards and being forced to call them normal.

  3. Dave H. says:

    Piss in our time.

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