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Climate fraud

GORDON Brown was yesterday accused of signing a £500billion death warrant for Britain’s economy in his desperate quest for a climate change deal.

The Prime Minister has offered a dramatic 42 per cent cut to 1990 levels of carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020.

And quisling Brown should care if it stuffs Britain? He gets to grandstand before all the crooks, liars and thieves he calls his peers and when the time comes to deliver? That will be someone else’s problem.

It’s a pretty pass when we have to depend on Russians and Chinese to save us from our own governments.


  1. Angry Exile says:

    All these promises are as meaningless as his promises to solve government over spending by increasing efficiency. How is it actually going to happen, Gordon? You have no idea, do you? None at all. When is the idiot going to learn that you have to have a little bit more up your sleeve than simply wishing it, announcing it and hoping like hell it happens somehow? More importantly when are the fucking press and opposition going start to call him on it every time?

  2. NickM says:


    One of the cunting wheezes that NeuArbeit came up with is delaying defence programs to save current cash. These programs invariably then run horrendously over-budget but who cares because it’s all on tick anyway and they can’t foreclose on UK PLC now can they?

    Gordoom is a cunt’s cunt for many reasons. But this is the key reason I hate him. Every speech he makes talks of how much Labour have increased spending on “frontline services” (apart from the Army obviously). He never talks results just spending. He’s a lunatic with a firehose stuffed with quantitivily-eased fifties.

    Imagine that in a business context. It just doesn’t work. “Due to me it now costs 20% more to bolt the doors on an Accord”. Mr Honda says, “You’re fired”.

  3. Angry Exile says:

    NckM, yes, I saw about the helicopters. Again, more meaningless promises: you shall have the helicopters you need, but far too late to make a difference and at the expense of other things that actually you might well need in the meantime.

    Agreed about “increasing spending” all the time. In NuLabSpeak more=better, always. In the real world we call it paying more than you did last year for precisely the same thing, or at best paying hugely over the odds for a small incremental improvement. What nobody calls it is “value for money”.

    As you say, a cunt’s cunt.

  4. Gordon says:

    As an ex state school maths teacher I know that there will be no savings from greater efficiency. We have 500 000 more public sector people than 13 years ago.
    The only realistic solution is to sack, sack, sack and sack again.
    However, the political class dare not say this. The situation in Britain has now become what it was in France when I arrived 15 years ago. Everyone either works for the state, or has a wife/husband/brother/sister/cousin who does.
    A turkey does not vote for Christmas.

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