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Let It Snow!

I just saw on the telly-box that the Eastern USA is in chaos due to snow. All three DC airports are shut. Did a certain somebody touch down his Gulfstream at Dulles?

I am blogging from my shed with the convection heater running full-tilt. The walk from my back door to the shed left me looking like Captain Oates because it is snowing heavily here as well.

Are there any readers in the great state of Tennessee with easy access to both tar and feathers?

And a hockey stick to then ride him out of town on.


  1. Kevin B says:

    Speaking of “Let it Snow”, I reckon this Baileys ad is the sexiest ad on TV at the moment, notwithstanding all those ads for smellies, and the fact that the drink itself is not exactly my favourite.

    (Speaking of ads for smellies, TalkSport have been doing cod ads all week. My entry was a rather obvious ” Hypocrisy by Al Gore.” said in that irritating American ad voice.)

  2. JuliaM says:

    “Did a certain somebody touch down his Gulfstream at Dulles? “

    Oh, I think S Weasel has the answer..! ;)

  3. Nick M says:

    I was actually thinking of a post about fantasy celeb perfumes. I didn’t get much beyond Britney Spear’s “Fall” and Dave Cameron’s “Indifference”.

  4. Kevin B says:

    Nick, there’s always “Hubris” by Obama and “Nemesis” by Sarah Palin.

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