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Now it’s up against some stiff competition but this is probably the winner of the Academy Award for most patronisng crap to come out of UKGov 2009.

Worth Talking About Contraception

I’d be here all day to properly fisk it so I’ll just say a couple of things. There is nothing yucky (as implied in the ad) about contraceptive implants. They are not something John Hurt coughs up after a Chinese meal on the Nostromo. It involves a small incision in the upper arm. It is a procedure of such minority that you can drive immediately afterwards. This ad was commisioned by and made by people who clearly don’t know what they are talking about. It is utterly typical of this government (and iDave will be little better) that they hose money (my money) at an “issue” in the misguided sense that something must be done for the lower orders. Like all government ads this isn’t targeted at the girl who keeps on forgetting her pill but at middle-class lefties. It is designed to make them feel good because the government is doing something.

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  1. Speaking of the all-important perception that government is doing something, anything, even if its wrong, the Nobel winners running our asylum have decided to take over our medical system.
    They’ve managed to fix everything but the problems.

    Oh well.

    Merry Christmas from Fort Worth TX


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