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Sack him

Who the hell does this man think he is?

Keir Starmer, the Director of Prosecutions, has widened the rift with the Conservatives after rejecting Tory plans to give greater protection to householders who tackle burglars.

This bloke is a civil servant, paid to do the will of Parliament, advise his minister, and otherwise shut the fuck up. He is not paid to undermine any political policy, from any party or source.

If he wants to partake in the political process he quits his job first. As it is, no honest politician can work with him again – which won’t stop New Labour.

H/T David Davis

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    The Civil Service was hardly free of statist attitudes in 1997 (hardly surprising).

    However, it is now a very political bunch of people – indeed that was one of the main points of the “New Labour” project. The project was not really just about making Labour moderate (or at least seem moderate) in order to get elected – it was also about achieveing collectivism by different means.

    And one of these means was undermining what was left of the apolitical nature of the Civil Service – and making it an instrument for Progressive reform.

    If the Conservative party really wanted to undertake the reactionary project of rolling back collectivism this political Civil Service would be a serious problem – however Cameron and co……

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