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I have been to Auschwitz and to Dachau…

On this day 65 years ago today the Red Army “liberated” Auschwitz. This is International Holocaust Remembrance Day and some of us at least will not forget.

I have seen the gas-ovens but I have also seen the gibbet upon which the Russians hung the SS guards. How could I not? Where do you think the gibbet was erected? It was directly in front of the ovens. Sometimes justice is poetic.

This, I hope, shall not again happen under my watch. Europe has to be better than that. Hell’s teeth we are better than that. At least I am.


  1. DavidNcl says:

    BTW, I used to think the concentration camps stopped operating in 1945.

    Some, including Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen kept on going under new managment as NKVD “special camps”. Until 1950.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    And the Soviet camps (started just after the 1917 Revolution) continued.

    And the Maoist camps were soon to be set up after the Chinese Civil War (thank you General Marshall – you moron, and thank you nonmorons in the Federal Government i.e. the “China hands” who advised Marshall and Truman, the “China hands” were people who actually wanted Mao to win).

    Some 70 million people were killed by the Marxists in China. And some of the camps are still operating today.

    But no one cares – at least no one in power in the West.

    It is easy to attack the scumbag Adolf Hitler – because he is out of power and dead.

    Powerful regimes get fawned upon – after Nixon and Heath (those Progressive “Conservatives” ) fawned on Mao as much as the left did.

    “How can you be so disrespectful about the suffering of the Jews Paul”.

    I am not being disrespectful – and my own family lost members to the Nazis (think of my family name).

    However, I also know that many of the people shedding false tears today will be back to Israel bashing tomorrow.

    They certainly will be in Kettering – where even today will really be used as excuse to whine about the “Palestinians” (as it was last year – when I bothered to go to the local events).

    “It was very sad that millions of Jews were killed years ago – but, of course, all the Jews should be killed now”.

    That seems to be the position.

  3. HSLD says:

    My dad visited one of the German camps ( i.e. one on German soil ) in 1945.
    Not as a liberator, he was with a heavy artillery unit which travelled behind the point of the spear, but they arrived there before any sort of effective humanitarian assistance could be mounted.

    They knew what sights to expect by this time, but of course that wasn’t really any preparation for what they found.
    And it wasn’t even an extermination camp…

  4. RAB says:

    It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow.
    She has enough Jewish blood in her to have guaranteed her a one way ticket to a Camp, had Adolf and his chums won the War.

    Father in law was in 2 Para and fought from D Day to Berlin. He was one of the first through the gates of Belsen, and despite being a very battle toughened guy who had mates disintergrate right next to him, they could not believe their eyes at the sight that met them.

    So I will raise a glass today and remember the Father in Law and his mates who instantly gunned down four fat guards who hadn’t had the wit to flee yet, in sheer outrage.

  5. NickM says:

    Whilst I am in general against shooting fuckers out of hand there are circumstances…

    And I find it inescapable that American, Russian and British Imperial forces did the same thing. They shot or lynched the bastards.

  6. El Draque says:

    Well, I visited Dachau, only a small one as the camps go.
    My wife’s grandfather was locked up there.
    And I’ve met survivors with tattoos, and a Scotsman who drove a bulldozer at Belsen, burying bodies.
    Actual contact with living memory will get less and less.

    And the comments are right too, victims are more often forgotten than remembered. Who would care about the Nazi camps if Hitler had won and trade with Germany was at stake?
    As many as cared about the gulag of the Soviet Union or Maoist China’s labour camps, or Castro’s Isle of Pines . . .

  7. Nick,
    Thanks for posting the Gorecki video. I have bought the CD for numerous friends, but had no idea such a beautifully done video was out there.

    Everyone else (especially Paul),
    Thanks for the inspiring comments.

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