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Here is one for Biased BBC. I was driving home this evening, listening to ABC News radio who were broadcasting a BBC World Service segment.

Now, you will have to forgive me, I am working from memory here. I have been over the BBC World Service site and I guess nothing has been posted yet, although there is this from the main site.

Anyway, in discussing a fatal crush at a celebration at a mosque, Big Mo’s birthday apparently, someone in the studio started rabbiting on about Timbuktu’s history as a great trading centre. Apparently, the city made its wealth by trading salt and such like.

Salt and “such like”?

“Such like”?

Such like what?

You think there is any reason that they failed to refer to Timbuktu’s centuries as one of the great Islamic slave markets? Bringing in both European and black slaves and exporting them throughout North Africa and the middle east?

You think that if the British had been involved the BBC would have shown such forbearance?


  1. john in cheshire says:

    Vaguely related to this – The bbc reportedly are considering getting rid of the so-called asian network and bbc6 digital radio stations. I am outraged that they exist in the first place – and wrote to bbc to say as much. Only for them to reply in their usual sneering, dismissive way. Because of their attitude I have decided it’s not worthwhile communicating with them again, on any issue. I have concluded that if you disagree with what they say and do, they just ignore you. If pandering to ethnics is such a good thing, then let them setup commercial stations, and don’t use up vast amounts of the licence fee on a minuscule proportion of population of the country.

  2. NickM says:

    Your ire is correct but mis-directed. DAB was, is and will be a bloody stupid idea. I built an FM transmitter from junk as a kid! Now they expect you to buy what is essentially a computer for fifty quid to listen to the radio! Also, apparently you can’t simultaneously listen to two DAB radios in the same house for some obscure technical reason.

    Whilst I have no idea what R6 is or was about Asian Network is a load of typically patronising twonk. As though “Asian” and by that the BBC of course mean Desi – Koreans or Chinese don’t count of course.

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