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Qamar David, a Christian in the dock on charges of blasphemy, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The basis of the ruling, issued on Feb. 25, the fact that the man "hurt the religious feelings" of Muslims;


Additional District and Sessions Judge found Qamar David guilty of using blasphemous remarks about the Islamic Prophet and Quran and pronounced the verdict after hearing final arguments from both sides, daily Dawn reported yesterday.

Their feelings were hurt….

What an infantile belief system. Seriously.

I guess it doesn’t help that it is all a load of contradictory twaddle in the first place.


  1. NickM says:

    Yeah, and Pakistan is a key ally in the Glorious Struggle also known as the Great War on Terror. Didn’t Christ have something to say about motes and beams? Christ also turned water into wine. OK. Pakistan weaponised Uranium. When the wheel falls off the Pakistani clown-car and the nut-jobs take-over we will not be worrying about the possible repercussions of an Israeli strike on Iran. What India will need to do to the Pakistani successor “state” will make that look like very small beer.

  2. Stonyground says:

    The fact that religious beliefs cannot generally stand up to critical analysis is, I think, the reason why anger and violence tend to be the usual response to criticism. I am not just talking about the nutbars either. My own mother is a very pragmatic and down to earth woman and only very mildly religious, but she flew into an abusive rage when I pointed out to her that it was a bunch of fairy stories.

  3. MTG says:

    …..and no religion too…..

  4. CountingCats says:


    We don’t have to imagine. We can see in both Cuba and North Korea.

  5. NickM says:

    Depends what you mean about fairy stories. The parable of the Good Samaritan is a fairy story in the sense that it’s moral purpose does not depend on whether any Samaritan was ever good, bad or indifferent.

  6. CountingCats says:

    One of the big points about the good Samaritan is that at that time the Samaritans and the Jews really really really disliked one another.

    Two related peoples, small (to an outsider) differences in religious doctrine. Think Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

  7. NickM says:

    Under the conditions of the assorted Geneva Conventions captured military personnel are asigned to the keep of their respective force. So a German shot-down over Kent in 1940 went to the RAF. In one case (though this was not uncommon) a German Bf -109 pilot was picked-up and taken to the bar, given a pint, engaged in conversation (one wonders why – “So the 109F suffers from flutter during stall turns – tell me more…”) and he thanked his RAF “hosts” and took out a notebook and asked for their names. Why? asked an RAF flyboy. “Because when the war is over and Germany is victorious I shall ask for you not to be shot.”

    The entire mess dissolved into hysterics. And that is why we won.

    I guess in some way it relates to the Good Samaritan.

  8. RAB says:

    Well that’s Karatchi off my Must Visit List, not that it was ever on!

    MTG I dont run into any angry Christians, or Hindus and certainly not Buddhists.
    When I was in Sri Lanka visiting the Temple of The Tooth in Kandy, it was probably the most intense spiritual experience I have ever witnessed, but they dont give a bugger what anyone else believes or thinks about what they believe, they just get on with it.
    Islam is the only one that demands on pain of death or life imprisonment, like this ludicrous case, that you believe exactly what they believe. As we know it wishes to conquer the world, and tried hard enought to do just that.
    Unfortunately our Lords and Masters have not woken up to this fact yet.
    They are actually giving them all the help they can get!

  9. Paul Marks says:

    The “prophet” Muhammed was a liar (he BOASTED of the fact – for example how he had tricked and decieved the enemies of Islam by saying he was not going to do …… when he was planning exactly that), his word of honour meant nothing to him – for he had no honour.

    Muhammed was also a murderer, an enslaver, and he raped children.

    Well now all I need do is go to a Muslim country and I will either get life imprisonment or (more likely) death.

    Of course the Progressives in Britain want to send anyone who says the above to prison.

    Funny sort of “Progressives” to crawl to a religion. However, I suppose they just think in the following way…….

    “We are enemies of Christiainty, Islam is the enemy of Christianity [and it is - see Robert Spencer on this and on Muslim lies about how much they respect Christianty] THEREFORE WE ARE FRIENDS”.

    This is so limited (so wrong headed) that is hard to know where to start in explaining its absurdity – but it is remains the basis of “Progressive” policy in the West.

  10. NickM says:

    I disagree. Muhammed never lied by Islamic standards. He employed taqqiya. Allah’s hand is not fettered (not even by the plain truth or logic or anything like that) so whatever Muhammed did for the good of the Ummah (the good of the Ummah of course being discerned by Allah’s final prophet who of course declared himself so). Islam puts a completely different take on truth. I am not being culturally relative here but pointing out what they believe.

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