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So How’s it going?

One of the great pleasures of blogging is the stats. I have peered into the abyss that is Stat Counter and in suitably Nietzschen  fashion it peered into me. OK, most of of our visitors pitch-up for mine and the Kitty Kounter’s profound but fractured take on politics, science and society (or fit birds in the Israeli Army). This is true and this is good. But we have some right royal nonesuchs visiting. We have recently been hit by a Google search for “Lt Uhuru Panties” and also (most perplexingly) by “right starchy foods to eat to achieve a pear shaped figure”. This is odd because I suspect Lt. Uhuru’s panties (must have been a thong for that dress) and eating to gain weight have never been our stock in trade. Me and the feline enumerator are essentially anti-Islamist, anti-Green, pro-capitalist libertarians*. I care nothing about Lt. Uhuru’s panties (though I am of a generation that wouldn’t mind an hour on the holo-deck with Seven of Nine and Deanna Troi and Tasha Yar** but we’d best leave the details iof that debauch for another post).

Now, I drive myself mad hunting down the the “how” of the bizarre visitors (never get “intelligent discussion by Anglo-Australians on politics, science, technology and stuff (including fit birds who wield M-16s in the defence of Israel***”). I nailed “Christina Amphlett nude pictures” but I gave up after that. She fronted The DiVinyls and sang the definitive song about female masturbation, I Touch Myself. As a DiVinyls fan I clocked that this referred to my post on the “fittest birds in Sci-Fi” because Chrissy and the lads second best known song was called “Science Fiction”.

I’m currently (obviously, what else?) listening to Blondie. I first saw Blondie in 2002 at the Manchester Apollo. They were absolutely brilliant and even though Debbie is the same age as my Mum, I would in a New York second (and my wife would want to join in). I was in the mosh-pit three metres from her divine pins whilst she belted out “Atomic”. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Debbie at her air-raid siren best:

Yeah, before you start I know that’s Debbie and not Blondie but who cares? She’s still head to toe lickable.

*Sorry, Cats, to be speaking for you but I’m fairly sure that’s pretty accurate.
**Make it so!
***I once met a real example in Cambridge. She was an IDF machine-gun instructor and doing a PhD in Philosophy. I got nowhere but then I can’t field strip an M-60 now can I? Or discuss Kant’s categorical imperative.


  1. RAB says:

    As you know young Nicholas
    I am a complete computer illiterate.
    I stumble and bumble, and because I have a few brain cells left
    generally get through.
    so I have no idea how Google works,

    “right starchy foods to eat to achieve a pear shaped figure”.

    Sent a shiver down my spine.

    I commented here, and nowhere else, a while back,
    that scientists had found that the five fruits a day govt regime will actually make your figure go pear shaped.

    Waddia think?

    Also, over on SI, I commented on a place called Sakelakent in Turkey.
    How it was fab but wouldn’t be allowed in Britain, elfensafty and all that…

    Well Alisa said she was going to Turkey last year, so I thought I’d tell her about this place, send her a link, and googled it up.

    Dang me, if the second listing for the place was my posting from SI !!!

    Nope never in a month of sundays will I understand it!

  2. RAB says:

    Oh as to Debbie/Blondie.

    They are different.

    Blondies basic idea was to be Avant Garde.

    They came out of the post Velvet Underground
    proto punk school that included Television and bits of the Talking Heads.

    Then the Ramones turned up and the game turned sideways.

    But mainly because of Debbies sex appeal
    they had hit singles.

    They were as suprised as the Mamas and Papas.
    A folk group from California who suddenly went worldwide.
    And could never quite understand why(apart from having the best harmonies you ever heard in a pop song)

    But yep it was quality stuff alright!

    Just like Blondie.
    Debbie just went commercial after that, is all.
    Who can blame her except the NME?
    Certainly not her bank manager(though she hasn’t made that much really, Stingwise)

    So shall I get her to ring you? ;-)

  3. CountingCats says:

    Ah, sorright,

    If you ever say something I disagree with, you’ll hear.

  4. RAB says:

    Thanks for that CC
    I like to think I am reasonably profficient in my limited areas of expertise.

    Well if you liked the Mamas and Papas
    I’m sure you’ll like these.
    An obscure creation of the folk rock era, the Association.

    Look like a convention of bank managers dont they?
    Or the Moody Blues just before going hippie, with the suits and the big kipper ties.

    I bought this record when I was 13.
    It has the catchiest most whistleable, cant get it out of your head tune,
    you will ever encounter, and the harmonies and changes are to die for!

    Oh and forget the lyrics, as usual, these are Beatleesque about an ideal 60s bird we’d all love to have met and got laid by.

    But alas I was 13 remember!
    Such women did not exist for me then.
    Nor later as it happens
    Where are all these women?
    Round Nicks Place?

    Anyway enjoy.

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