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Money quote from Power and Control blog, on who makes the money, and why -

Only those with the capability plus intense desire become scientists or for that matter engineers. Which is as it should be. I wouldn’t want aircraft designed by those who were only in it for the money.

Sure, science and engineering is hard, and creative. For a good engineer you need a hard headed realist with the soul of an artist. Only those who know nothing about it can call engineering, or science, cold and soulless.


  1. NickM says:

    Yet they do. Or some of them do. One of my mates at uni was an Eng Lit student who literally couldn’t change a light bulb but he, without knowing anything about science or engineering, just knew that the antics of me and the biologist in the gaff and the chem eng guy were deeply meaningful. Quite unlike another flat-mate (history) who one of the least mittigated twats in five million years of the history of our genus. he once concluded an argument (which he had thoroughly lost) by throwing sliced bread at me. When I laughed at this clearly deadly assault (he could have had me eye out) he stropped out and announced that he was going to live with his Gran. At this point, Halle Berry deciding she absolutely needed to give me a blow-job would not have thrilled me more than the prospect of CW fucking off to live with his Gran. He always did that. The “I’m going to live with me Gran” thing.

  2. NickM says:

    Remember my TSR-2 piece? remember the vid opened with “if it looks right, it’ll fly right” and had this attributed as an “old pilot saying”. I think it’s actually Kelly Johnson (P-38, P-80, F-104 U-2, SR-71, first head of the Lockheed Skunkworks and an all-round top fella).

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