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Pineapple Rings

My wife introduced me to a new and strange sensation this morning. It involved pineapple rings.

Right, now that the tittering at the back has ceased let me carry on…

Last night I had gammon with rings of the piney apple and very nice it was too. Thing is I had two rings from the tin and this morning the missus put one of the two remaining ones into her breakfast cereal. So she’s sitting eating it at her computer and I go up to see her and suddenly I get a strong smell of gammon. Mrs Nick M reckons this is because I only eat pineapple with gammon so the smells sort of crossed over in my head.

Yes I know gammon and pineapple. I was born in 1973 you know. It was well classy then.

Does anyone know about this sort of thing?

And if anyone suggests the answer is under Lenny Godber’s hat they shall be IP banned because those were chunks, not rings.


  1. CIngram says:

    Maybe she hadn’t washed her hair since cooking the gammon? Just a thought, and a pretty mundane one at that.

    On the other hand, the smell of stale beer always takes me straight back to the student union bar, and I can then pick up the whiff of the Players Navy Cut, the cheap marijuana, the cheaper aftershave, and the BO (that wasn’t mine, I think), and I’m immediately filled with doubts about the fire limit, a longing to have enough money to drink in a proper pub, and the urge to shag barmaids. It’s like being there.

    On the culinary matter, the gammon should be grilled with a little oil, then removed and the pineapple slightly singed in the same pan, into which sugar has been sprinkled. It caramelizes the Ananas comosus and gives it just that touch of je ne se quoi.

  2. NickM says:

    I cooked it. My wife is a vegetarian and was nowhere near. Anyway thanks. I thought nobody was going to answer this!

  3. RAB says:

    Oh I dont know, I may be the class clown not the science monitor, but I think Mrs Nick is right .
    If you are used to certain smells being in association with each other then one will conjour up the other, just a certain smell will bring back memories of events long past, that are triggered by the smell, but not totally about the smell.

  4. NickM says:

    Smell is massively influential in terms of memory.

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