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The Conservative Leadership Foundation has launched a campaign to recognise and celebrate “Human Achievement Hour”.

During Human Achievement Hour, people around the world will be recognising the incredible accomplishments of the human race.

Originally conceived by the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2009, Human Achievement Hour coincides with the earth hour campaign but salutes those who keep the lights on and produce the energy that makes human achievement possible.

Millions of people around the world will be showing their support for human achievement by simply going about their daily lives. While earth hour activists will be left in the dark, Human Achievement Hour participants will be going to the cinema, enjoying a hot meal, driving their car or watching television.

There is really no limit to how you can support Human Achievement Hour just like there is no limit to what mankind can achieve.

Human Achievement Hour 2010 will be between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on Saturday 27 March.

Do it! We have come a long way since Ugg first said to Ogg, “Wouldn’t it be a cunning plan to bring the fire into the cave?” Our species is brilliant as long as it doesn’t try not to be and descends into miserablism. Raise a glass to them all! To Watt and Stephenson and Tesla and all the rest!

Because this is what happens when the enemy win:

The righteous can shiver in the dark for an hour and fuck ‘em with a warp-factor 9 fuckulence driven by a nuclear storm-drive powered fuckulating machine because I want a spaceship and not a bastarding yurt.

Do you want to see C-Beams glitter off the Tannhäuser Gate or do you want to sit down to a mess of cold potage with Jonathon Porritt? If the later then you are a profound cunt of the first discharge and have neatly selected your own Hell. Enjoy it you masochistic twats! We’ll be in parking orbit around Enceladus having cocktails whilst watching outgassings that are almost as spectacular as a lentil-boiler’s farts.

Earth hour and human achievement hour presents a stark choice…


“Simples!” says that deeply annoying – ought to be kicked to death – car insurance meerkat*. I don’t just want to see attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I want to be the bugger wot dun it! Tree funerals! How absolutely, utterly, stupendously fucking gay is that?

Right, I’m now off to burn a staggering quantity of trash that has built-up since the effing council decided to go Keira Knightley on the bin collections. I’m doing my bit for carbon (re)cycling.

Per ardua ad astra!

From here and a tip of the titfer to Mr E.

*Admittedly not quite as annoying as that fat cunt from the Go Compare ads.


  1. Kevin B says:

    While it’s good that the conservative leadership foundation are supporting this, it’s a bit of a shame that the current conservative leadership are such a bunch of tree hugging luddites.

    I lasted 18 seconds into that second clip. How many times do you reckon the current leadership of our great political parties should be forced to watch it as punishment for their crimes?

  2. NickM says:

    I’d inflict Cannon and Ball’s greatest hits on them – in 3D.

    Rock on Tommy!

  3. RAB says:

    Holy friggin god that second clip is something else isn’t it!

    The woman going “bring me, bring me to these guys…”

    Yes dear, it was those guys who someone with a brain and skills had fashioned into an ocean going ship, that brought you to where you are now, you twat!

    I shall crank up every device in the house to the max during the hour tomorrow night
    in honour of our human ingenuity!

  4. Jay Thomas says:

    Won’t work. The socialist left controls all the main organs for the transmission of what passes for public culture in the United Kingdom. The schools, the BBC and most of the rest of the media are firmly in their hands.

    This is how it will play out in the classroom/on the BBC

    A token acknowledgement “yes running water and electricity are quite nice conveniences”

    followed by

    “HOWEVER…. gaiarape thirdworld labor, sweatshops, cultural imperialism illegalwars racism bushhitler globalwarming melting iceaps, white male power, vulgar materialism, rich and poor divide bablablablabla…. (insert lefty talking points ad infinitum)

    None of the people in Britain who control the cultural megaphone and get to set the official national narrative are the slightest bit interested in mounting a spirited defense of western civilization whether the Tories get into power or not.

  5. CIngram says:

    That second clip has got to be a joke. Surely. Please. Tell me I don’t share a species with those self-absorbed ignorant loonies.

    In its way, though, it’s magnificent. ‘I think we’ve lost our identity as we’ve evolved into technology…’ I’d love to hear her explain what she thinks our lost identity was, and why it matters. This type will never grasp that being well-fed, not dying at the age of five from the first germ you meet, and having enough wealth and leisure to be able to hang out in the rain forest talking bollocks is what we have been raping Gaia for. Do that bunch ever wonder where they, personally, would be without technology?

  6. NickM says:

    That is for real. What I find espescially demented (apart from the bit about the “life” of the rock) is that these daft sods are in what would appear to be an area of old-growth forest… So WTF are they bitchin’ about? I live on the edge of Britain’s oldest National Park and an easy commute (if they’d widen the effing road rather than designate sodding bus lanes) of a city of 3.5+ million. The city is Manchester. If I wasn’t a Geordie then I might be tempted to say the Mancs kicked off the Industrial Revolution. They certainly played their part.

  7. Stonyground says:

    Clngram, “Do that bunch ever wonder where they, personally, would be without technology?”

    No, they do not, the sad fact is that they do not have the faintest clue. In fact, most of them would be dead, having been taken by a chilhood disease. If they were lucky enough to survive childhood there is a pretty good chance that they would be blind or crippled. If they grew up fit and able bodied there would still be plague or famine ready to pounce at any time and they would be lucky if they reached the age of forty. Add to that the slim chance that they would receive any kind of education and even if they did it would be from people who thought that the earth was flat, and you have people who don’t deserve to be born into the 21st century.

  8. Kevin B says:

    Just to add Stony, the one doing all the whining would be screaming in agony as she gave birth to her 10th child, if she hadn’t died in childbirth long ago.

  9. Fraggle says:

    Have any of the fuckers going on about the lights out hour done a cost analysis? Tellys and computers started from cold surely take more juice to power up after an hour off than if they were put on standby, and standby is a sin isn’t it? and are the power stations really going to wind down for a predictable 1hr dip?

  10. Pogo says:

    I’m just back in from fitting high-wattage bulbs in all the outside lights… With luck, at 20:30 this evening, “Pogo Towers” should be visible from the fucking moon!

  11. El Draque says:

    Do those twits not realise they couldn’t even walk through a forest if it were untouched by human hand?
    The “greenwood” of old England was MANAGED forest; selected trees were cut, brushwood cleared away by peasants taking firewood under traditional rights, deadwood cleared for the same reasons; herds of pigs ate away the beechmast and acorns; etc.
    Left to itself, a forest is a tangled mass of trees struggling to grow, rotting wood and occasional forest fires.
    Under sensible management, you get tall straight trees, green space to walk through and a useable resource.
    Ignorant, the lot of them . . . .

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