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Hey, it’s Sunday. In fact, it is not just Sunday but it is Sunday all day. That’s right ALL DAY.

Today, on this posting, comment is free. There is no off topic so comment away.


  1. NickM says:

    Anyone know how to recover/reset Vista Admin passwords?

  2. CountingCats says:

    I have downloaded this before, this time, I might be being stupid, but I couldn’t find a download link on the hirens sites. So try here instead.

  3. John B says:

    What almost concerns me most about the human condition is our capacity for self deception.
    We have successfully lived with it so far because our will/capacity for survival has usually overcome our thoughts, philosophies and deceptions, and because we were not competent to enforce our thoughts upon the world.
    We now are almost at the point where we are technologically able to do that. (If Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, whoever) had had the technological capability we now have, they would have been laughing, quite possibly succeeded.
    It seems to me we are at the dawn of the new dark age because we have the ability to fulfil/enforce our deceptions.
    It applies to all of us, of course.

  4. CountingCats says:

    Self deception is necessary for human continuity. We, a lot of us anyway, go through life ignoring the reality that in the end we are dead, so what’s the point?

  5. John B says:

    That’s what Keynes said. Perhaps that’s where fractional reserve/fiat currency/inflationary spend-everyone-else’s-money economics is coming from? Philosophical despair?
    Personally, I have seen enough to convince me differently.

  6. RAB says:

    Well at least with self deception you are still left with the “self” part.

    When the State starts to do it for you and to you, then things get scary.

  7. El Draque says:

    And then implant memories like that Schwarzenegger film – Total Recall?
    A micro-second later someone will implant in you a memory of you committing a crime and then you confess and get locked up. False memory syndrome etc.
    Leave us as we are, even a lunatic is a minority of one . . . who was it said that?

  8. RAB says:

    But let’s not be all doom and gloom. my sunday has gone very well…

    After a very pleasant evening at the theatre last night, and with the start of British Summer time as the clocks went forward (is that a sick joke? ed) The misses and I had our usual lie in to compensate.
    Then it was tea and toast in bed. This used to be accompanied by the sunday newspapers together with radio 4, but we dont buy them anymore so it’s the laptop, some steaming radio and a quick scan of the world news and best blogs.
    Then a long luxurious bath with music from John Coltraine on my ipod travel speakers, (unbelievably good sound by the way. These speakers look like an empty bog roll and are about the same size, by a company called Proline and they cost a mere £15 yes fifteen quid in Comet, grab ‘em while you can folks!)

    Then to Snuff Mills which has the river Frome running through it, to give the dog a swim (she loves it) and wash off the accumilated mud she has aquired from our local park over the last week.
    Then back for lunch. Olive bread and assorted cheeses, salad and a beer.

    Now in preparation a chicken casserole for dinner and the nights are getting longer and lighter.
    Ah there is an art to living you know folks, and part of it is knowing when to be contented . If anyone needs lessons, just shout. ;-)

  9. Kevin B says:

    Huh! The bloody gubmint stole an hour off me. Bastards. Oh, they tell you they’ll give it back in October, but if you believe them bastards, you’ll believe anything.

  10. RAB says:

    Not really John B, no.

    I like my music more eventful than that. I have never really gone for Ambient. My friends round here invented Trip hop and that is about as slow as I am prepared to go.
    No, our sundays are often more like this…

    And what the wife and I were bathing to this morning was this…

    Now you can get up a decent lather with music like that! ;-)

  11. Bod says:

    That’s interesting, RAB. Almost but not entirely unlike mine.

    Lie in with all the family out at church – still not sure I’m tottally comfotable with sharing my life with 2 generations of practicing left-footers. Get up, put the dog out (not much of a dog person) and then drive (a very long way) with youngest (and seemingly most zealous Catholic) child to pick up fencing equipment.

    Now it’s time to fire up the grill and cook that pork tenderloin with herbed roast potatoes, endive and carrots for Sunday dinner. No idea what’s for dessert, but apple crumble a la mode is a distinct possibility. Crack a bottle and pretend to be this generation’s Graham Kerr.


  12. Locke says:

    What do you think of this?

    “Bostrom contends that at least one of the following statements is overwhelmingly likely to be true:

    1. Almost no civilization will reach a level of technological maturity capable of producing simulated realities.
    2. Almost no civilization reaching aforementioned technological status will produce a simulated reality, for any of a number of reasons, such as diversion of computational processing power for other tasks, ethical considerations of holding entities captive in simulated realities, etc.
    3. Almost all entities with our general set of experiences are living in a simulation.”

    Is it a near certainty that this reality must be a simulation?

  13. John B says:

    Locke. While I will take a bit more time to get hold of what the gentleman is proposing, what strikes me is that the human race will expend enormous amounts of time and energy, quite respectably finding many reasons why they should not get hold of reality.
    It is actually great that everything is explored, even if backwards, or by elimination of the negative by devoting huge amounts of time and energy to exploring it!
    Often it seems it is the only way to establish the possible, by completely exposing myths.
    Such as the process involved in the thought: How can order occur spontaneously in randomness? :)

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