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I turned the telly on to see news about the Moscow bombings and got “Gorgeous” George Osborne saying what he’d do as chancellor.

Well I’ll hand it to the boy George it was definitely conservative in the sense of not changing much. He’s going to tinker with a few things and not increase NI. Vote for change and all that. At the best the Tory promise seems to be along the lines of “We’re going to be 10% less dreadful than the current lot”. I follow a few essentially political blogs (and I write this drivel) so I guess I’m rather more savvy to politics than the average bear who probably has an interesting hobby such as trainspotting but I can’t think of one substantial policy difference between any of the major parties. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for the rise of the likes of the Greens and the BNP – they at least have something to say. It might be barking mad but it’s not the same old tired nonsense endlessly re-treaded and sold as new. Well, for me the wheel has now definitely come off. It isn’t so much that I disagree with policies anymore – it’s that there just don’t seem to be any. I mean not increasing NI as a headline policy is… Just remembered I’ve got a new promenade deck seating plan I must post to the White Star Line… Well, it’s pathetic isn’t it?

Oh, just thought of one! They’re gonna bribe people tuppence ha’pennny off their tax to get married. Have they thought that one through? Everyone will get married. People in shared flats will be tying the knot. And I mean everyone because this will have to apply to gay and lesbian civil partnerships otherwise the Tatchellites will (with fair justification) throw a conniption fit.

I can’t see the Tories winning outright. They are not getting my vote, they are not getting my wife’s vote (apparently she’s thinking of voting Lib-Dem if she can remember who Nick Clegg is on May 6th) and we are exactly the sort of people they should be getting votes from. I’ll tell ya why they won’t win outright. By not offering anything different they are feeding the troll of apathy. I mean it’s come to a pretty pass when someone like me who has an interest in this sort of thing is going to be reduced to writing, “None of the above” on a ballot paper. From even a tactical point of view I find the Tories dismal especially considering iDave used to work in the media. By merely pissing about on the fringes they have enabled Labour to retain a level of initiative they should have lost years ago. Essentially their campaigning has been deeply negative in the sense that all they are saying is, “We’re not them”. That’s dismal and people know that it’s dismal. That is precisely why the Tory lead keeps shrinking. If you have a choice and no positive reason to go one way or the other then you might as well toss a coin. In essence that’s why I think we’re looking at a hung-parliament.

Of course there are people who still think iDave will win and at the climax of his victory speech will unzip his skin-suit and reveal a cloned Maggie Thatcher but… I feel sorry for these folks ’cause it ain’t gonna happen. As iDave’s leadership has rolled on and he’s said nothing to the purpose the number of such poor misguided people has diminished as they increasingly see iDave as reactive rather than proactive and a complete void of principle. You have to believe in something if you have the vaguest chance of persuading others to believe in you. That of course is another reason for the rise of the fringe parties: they actually believe in things. You can see the same sort of thing happening with our own dear old Church of England whilst various evangelical churches are doing well. In the unlikely event iDave reads this blog what he should have done is… Had some principles, defined a coherent set of policies based upon those principles, figured out how to implement those policies and then communicated all of this clearly. Political science is not rocket science.

A lot of comment I have heard (perhaps even from myself) is that this should be an interesting election because it’s so tight. Maybe overall but seat by seat we are looking at a very dull one. The level of apathy I feel in myself and detect in others is enough to convince me that there will be a very low tun-out amongst those that actually think about who to vote for so it will be determined by tribal-loyalty voting. You know the sort of, “Me Great Grandpappy voted for that nice Mr Disraeli…” sort of thing. Because for the likes of me who thinks about such things if there is no clear distinction between parties then what precisely is the point of it all?

I just hope the aftermath spurs some poltical wonk somewhere to say, “Hang on lads, I’ve got an idea!”


  1. John B says:

    You are absolutely correct.
    I might even go further and think: When I see such a lovely lead being so incomprehensibly squandered, I have to suspect sabotage in the planning departments. Are people so stupid who are meant to be so clever?

  2. Monoi says:

    Considering the abject failure that is brown, their lead should be stratospheric by default.

    I won’t be voting for them (I should be, I’m one of those filthy rich who’s going to get soaked next financial year). I told them so (labour/tory, same difference), and all I got in reply was a letter saying that they are sorry about that, but that they will invest in green jobs (in my letter I had made clear what I thought of that!) or some empty crap.

    Then, they come out with those billboards, with the line “I have never voted tory but bla bla bla”. They just confirm that they are not even after the vote of people who supported them before!

  3. Kevin B says:

    In the interests of recycling I shall reprise a couple of comments I’ve spread around other blogs today. (They were on topic on the blogs I posted them on.)

    The first was about Labour buying votes by stealing other peoples money, again. This time by promising to steal 25% of the equity in Premier League Football teams and give it to ‘the fans’. Fucking shameless. Because of a few headlines about dissatisfied Man U and Li’pool fans the NuLab thieves think they can get away with shit like this. And given the state of what passes for Law and Justice in this corner of the EuroFascist state, they’ll probably get away with it.

    The other comment I’m recycling was about opinion polls and the media demonisation of the minor parties. How many people who, when polled, answer: “I’m definitely not voting for one of those nasty rascist pasties, I’ll be voting Labour/Tory/LibDem!” with fingers crossed behind their backs. (Or even; “We’ll be voting Green of course, won’t we Tabitha. We’re really into sustainability.” Yeah, right.

  4. permanentexpat says:

    What a pathetic country we have become…and we did it all by ourselves.

  5. Angry Exile says:

    I for one will welcome our new bland, unimaginative, inspiration free overlords.

  6. Antisthenes says:

    The Conservatives may be a lack luster party but that is not so much their doing it is more the Labour parties propaganda machine and their finely tuned use of the socialist scare tactics (if Labour were as good in government as they are at spin the country would not be in the difficulties it is in today). Labour have not spent the last 13 years governing but building up their power base (the BBC being just one example), which they are bring into play with devastating effect.

  7. mike says:

    Cheryl Cole might be a daft little bint, but at least she isn’t a filthy fucking politician. I’d much rather read about her in the Star than slink off behind a ballot box curtain to do the dirty with a politician.

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