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British Airways – The World’s Favourite Way To Sit In T5 Forever…

BA is buggered. When archeologists of the future dig it up they’ll find mummified corpses clasping John Grisham novels and bags of boiled sweets. They might conclude this was an early C21st funeral rite. And they’d be right in a way.

You might remember their famous ad from a while back…

Try this…

Oh, and the failways (sic) are going on strike as well.

Now is the sping of our discontent made, yeah whatever, by that inglorious son of Bullingdon.

Really. These industrial disputes are not just discrete things over specific issues but indicitive of a wider malaise. We are all fucked off them to the n-th degree. All of them.

The Tories ought to be caning Labour in the polls but nah… We’re all wise to the fact they are just the same. In the early hours of May 7th I confidently expect iDave to lead a conga-line round Tory Central Office to the shouts of, “We’re all bloody useless, we’re all bloody useless! Da! Da! Da!”

H/T readers Permanentexpat and RAB.

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