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More Physics Smut

I meant to include this in this post but life (in the form of dinner) intervened. And I wasn’t quite sure how to squeeze it in. Fnarr! Fnarr!

Anyway, astrophysicists seem to relish a good knob joke as much as everyone else.

Now as I scrolled down the ribald smuttiness of that post I discovered that Peter Coles has a blog. I thought gotta be him. And it was him. He taught me Cosmology at Queen Mary, London. Then he got a Professorship at Nottingham (where I was an undergrad) and where astropixie currently works. Ironic that the science that deals with the biggest things in the Universe (and the Universe itself) is such a small world really. Nice guy Coles which is unusual for a theoretical cosmologist. And funny too… He’d just had a textbook out (my copy is… somewhere within the observable Universe) and told the class that his chapter on the “Hadron Era” had in the proofs contained the same typo as the Telegraph article. You see that’s why we call it a “Universe” – everything is linked in the end.

I have stolen from astropixie so I’ll give Prof Coles the same complement. This is hilarious but NSFW…

Int physics fuckin’ brilliant our kid!

I think “In the Dark” and “astropixie” might be blog-rolled if we ever get around to fixing up the utter mess to the right of this page. You might think the Gaza Strip looks in a bit of a 2 and 8 – it’s nowt to our blogroll…

I’m also thinking of largely quitting political blogging in favour of stuff like science, technology, humour, culture and vaguely philosphical pieces. Partly because of the deep realisation that the up-comming election leaves me completely apathetic and partly because other people do it better. Obviously this will still be at Counting Cats.


  1. Bod says:

    Quitting poliblogging lad?

    You’ll be back!


    You’ll be back.

  2. RAB says:

    Like your man Coles style Nick.
    The spoof is hilarious, but also affectionate. Like I said when you mentioned Cox before, we need more people with his kind of enthusiasm and connectability to a general audience on science.

    Dont give up on the politics though. Yes if iDave gets in it will be deja vu, dont get fooled again time, but just because all the venal, out of touch with reality fuckers are singing from the same hymnbook, doesn’t mean we should give up on sticking the boot into them.
    Otherwise the bastards just win by default.

  3. NickM says:

    Course I will be back but if iDave wins things will be dull for a while and then the bio-fuel will hit the windfarm as it always does. If Brown manages to stay then screw blogging – we’ll be building barricades and buying pitchforks!

  4. Kevin B says:

    Watched the “Wonder World of the Solar System” prog the other night. It was a facinating half-hour of interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the beeb had stretched it out to two hours and matey’s bubbling enthusiasm for his subject was wearing a bit thin after a while.

    Now maybe the beeb are right to keep hammering away at the same point twenty times and to give us dumb viewers plenty of time and mood music to grasp the point, but us dumb types who watch programs like Flashforward and the like seem capable of keeping up with a plethora of plotlines without much trouble so maybe we can be trusted to pick up slightly more complex physics without all the repetition.

    Anyway, the piss take caught the program perfectly for me. Very good at first, but went on too long and got a bit repetative.

  5. El Draque says:

    Look, Professor Cox is just a jammy bastard who got serially lucky, OK?
    Moderately successul pop group, clever enough to become a professor of physics or something, presentable enough to present on television, and he got them to send him to South Africa and go straight up in an English Electric Lightning.
    Don’t tell me that was necessary. He just wanted to do it, because it’s a fantastic aircraft and he reminisced about the time when we made great planes.
    Like I said, jammy bastard through and through.
    I’m not jealous – not a bit – oh no I’m not . . . .

  6. NickM says:

    Neither was I ED. Not a bit. Not at all. Damn uncomfortable cramped things those fighter planes. I’d rather fly EasyJet and pay a surreal price for a packet of peanuts.

  7. El Draque says:

    Nick, a Lightning once went up to check out something crossing the North Sea.
    Right up, full afterburn, top speed, drew up alongside an SR71 Blackbird idling along.
    The US pilots waved and put the foot down, or the throttle forward, or whatver.
    And went away from the RAF’s finest at a relative speed of 600 mph.
    Because they could.

  8. NickM says:

    Throttle forward.

    Oddly enough that is the origin of the phrase “balls to the wall”. Mustangs were fitted with small rubber balls on the throttle to prevent a pilot wanting to get out of something fast – real fast – ramming the throttle into the firewall.

  9. El Draque says:

    It had to be “throttle forward”.
    I sat in an F35 cockpit a couple of years ago and it was like an armchair with a throttle on the armrest.

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