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Nick M and the Cupboard of Doom

This morning I had to hang a shower screen. This entailed getting the drill out of The Cupboard of Doom. Everything is in there. I didn’t know what I’d find as I dug through…

Gordon Brown’s moral compass.

iDave’s conservative principles.

Nick Clegg’s personality.

Nick Griffin’s treasured boyhood teddy in it’s smart little SS uniform.

Lord Lucan astride Shergar.

Fortunately all I found was the drill so that was OK. Anyway over the traditional (stretching back to the opening of the first ever B&Q) British festival of DIY that is Easter blogging shall be very light.

Got the shower screen up though and a very happy Easter to you all whether it be an opportunity to eat your own body weight in chocolate eggs, a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ or standing half-way up a wonky step-ladder with a mouthful of posidrive screws.

PS If Mr Bono (if that’s his real name?) still hasn’t found what he’s looking for might I suggest he tries looking under The Edge’s hat. Or in my cupboard.


  1. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Does the “M” in “NickM” stand for “McGee” then? :-)

  2. CountingCats says:


    Frighteningly informed as I am, I first became cognizant of Fibber McGee and Molly only two days ago…..

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